Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2018

670 million dollars arms deal between Saudi Arabia and USA is approved by State Department USA

State Department for USA has approved the deal between Saudi Arabia and USA for the sale of Anti missile tanks on Thursday. The deal was approved shortly after two hours, when Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman met with Pentagon officials. The meeting was for the discussion related to Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen.

670 million dollars arms deal between Saudi Arabia and USA is approved by State Department USA

The deal consists of the 6700 missiles made by Raytheon along with spare parts for the tanks and helicopters already owned by Saudi defense department.

The said deal was in congressional hearing but was rejected by senate later previous week against the support provided by USA to Saudi bombing in Yemen. The Trump government was seriously against the rejection and gave the pentagon officials a go-ahead to lobby against it.

By the end the administration came out victorious and both the parties of lawmakers finally subsided leaving the debate to Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Republicans and Democrats are both frustrated over the fact that Trump government is actually supporting the Saudi led bombing on Iranian backed Houthi Insurgents in Yemen which has clearly been deemed as the violation of Human Rights by Human Rights Organizations due to large innocent civilian casualties.

Defense Secretary John Mattis released a statement claiming Saudi Arabia to be the “part of the solution” to the Yemen which is devastated by its Civil War.

Mattis also stated that US is working with other countries for the political solution of Yemen. He also told reporters that Saudi Arabia fully supports the Yemen Government in the capital Sana of Yemen which is recognized by United Nations as well. He ended by saying that we are going to end this war and that is final. This war is going to be stopped in positive regards o people of Yemen along with security of the entire peninsula.


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