Published On: Mon, Apr 2nd, 2018

Apple iOS 11.3 allows you to control your battery performance

Apple iPhones were facing heavy criticizing about phone deliberately slowing down on their own to have phone battery. To counter that, Apple has launched its latest iOS 11.3 which will now allow the users to take control of the battery performance.

Apple iOS 11.3 allows you to control your battery performance

The iOS in addi6tion to battery control also allows measuring the battery health for not only iPhones but for iPads as well and lets the user know if the battery needs servicing.

These options can easily be found in the Settings-Battery and are available for iPhone 6 or higher models. In order to check battery health go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. For disclaimer, the battery health is still under beta testing phase so here might be some unexpected results but Apple is still working out the kinks.

This battery health options lets the user know maximum capacity for the battery. This standard measures lets user compare the current battery health to the one which is new. The lower capacity levels indicate fewer hours for usage.

Apple Company on their official website support page ahs issued the following statement.

“Batteries are complex technologies, there are multiple variables that effect the battery performance and in turn iPhone performance. All the rechargeable batteries in world have a limited lifespan due to their consumable nature. Eventually every battery tends to decline in its performance and the machine needs the battery replacement. As batteries change with time, so does the performance of the iPhone. We have created this piece of information for those who are willing to learn about this matter”.

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