Top 10 Best and Most Popular Soccer Teams in the World


In sports, football is definitely the most popular one in the world. it has a huge fan following. There are tons of football players in the world and each one is better than the other and the clubs are always after the best ones to get them to sign with them so that they can have all the trophies in their hands. The popularity of a soccer team can be determined by the number of fans, sponsorships, endorsements merchandise sales, social media followers and the number of trophies they’ve won. Due to all these factors, the Most Popular Soccer Club also has the Richest Football Players because they get great funding and are paid heavily to even make an appearance in TV. These soccer players do their best to bring their club to the top of the world.

The Top 10 Best and Most Popular Soccer Teams in the World are as follows:

  1. FC Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Manchester United
  4. Chelsea F.C
  5. Arsenal
  6. Liverpool
  7. Paris Saint Germain
  8. FC Bayern Munich
  9. AC Milan
  10. Juventus

1.    FC Barcelona:

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona was formed in the year 1899 and since then it has held some of the best players in the football history and is currently number one on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Soccer Teams in the World 2019. They have several championship trophies and titles under their belt which is because of the extremely talented players they have in the club. Their biggest rival is Real Madrid which is not that far behind from them and they are always alternatively competing for the title.

2.    Real Madrid:

Real Madrid

Real Madrid has one of the largest fan following in the world and almost always wins the championships because of great strategy, teamwork, and most talent. The fans and supporters love them for it and they have millions of followers on social media. They have great sponsors as well including Microsoft, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Audi, Emirates and many other because they are champions of several European and Spanish football leagues, so they receive great earnings and endorsements.

3.    Manchester United:

Manchester United

Manchester United has been one of the most loved football club since the time it was established. It has won several championship leagues and has gathered over 750 million followers in total. The main sponsors of Manchester United are 20th Century Fox, Adidas, Aon, Aeroflot, Chevrolet and many other noticeable ones that make the club the Third Richest Football Club in the World. They have won a FIFA world cup, 12 FA cups and 3 UEFA Championship Leagues.

4.    Chelsea:


Chelsea is number fourth among the Top 10 Most Popular Football Clubs in the World and has over 50 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. They have won 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and 5 League Titles, 1 UEFA Championships League and many others that make it a very valuable club in football. The most noticeable sponsors of Chelsea are Hublot, YOKOHAMA TYRES, Adidas, Singha Beer, etc.

5.    Arsenal:

<> at Meadow Park on April 8, 2019 in Borehamwood, England.

Arsenal is the Fifth Most Valuable Club in Football and has a fan following of over 42 million on social media. These die-hard fans are what make up the value of the club and they are completely dedicated to the club. Arsenal has won 13 League Championship Cups, 12 FA cups, 1 European League Cup and many other trophies. The main sponsors of Arsenal are Puma and Fly Emirates.

6.    Liverpool:


Liverpool used to hold a very good place in the list and was always on the top of the charts but for a few years it hasn’t been performing really well. Despite of this, Liverpool is still the Sixth Most Popular Soccer Team in the World because of the trophies and cups it holds. It has 8 league cups, 7 FA cups, 3 European League Cups and many others which is why, it still has so many dedicated fans. Its sponsors are Standard Chartered, Malaysian Airline, Vitality and others.

7.    Paris Saint Germain:

Paris Saint Germain

France has very good football clubs but the best one out of them is Paris Saint Germain. It has been established since 1970 and was formed by the merger of two France Football clubs so it got the best players. They have won multiple trophies in France alone and has also won other European leagues and championships. It has a total of 35 million followers on social media.

8.    FC Bayern Munich:

FC Bayern Munich
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – NOVEMBER 22: Bayern Muenchen pose for a team photo during the UEFA Champions League group B match between RSC Anderlecht and Bayern Muenchen at Constant Vanden Stock Stadium on November 22, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Germany is the country who won the last FIFA world cup which is the biggest Football event of all time and this club played a huge part in it. This club is the Third Largest Football Club in Revenue because it has some great investors and almost deals with it like a business. The players are extremely talented, and a lot of trophies and the biggest sponsors are Adidas and Coca Cola.

9.    AC Milan:

AC Milan

Even though this club is ranked fourth on the Most Successful Football Club in History, the performance of this club has gone down in the past couple of years. However, the players are still some of the best and the fans are so dedicated that they never leave their favorite club in bad times. They have 30 million followers on social media and has many trophies in the club’s name. it was formed in 1899 and has been successful ever since.

10.   Juventus:


Italy has always excelled at sports and Juventus is the Best Sports Club in Italy. It was formed in 1897 by a group of young fellows that worked really hard to make it succeed and after they became popular they were bought by a multi-billionaire. It has won several Italian as well as European cups. It has over 28 million fans on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The biggest sponsors of Juventus are Adidas and Jeep.


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