Top 10 Celebrities Who Had an Abortion in 2019


Abortion is such a social taboo that is extremely frowned upon by people globally no matter what religion, class or social circle they belong to. This act is even more disliked when prominent persons of the society are disclosed of having done this because celebrities are role models for many people especially the young generation who is on the cusp of new experiences. However, this is something that can never be completely avoided because people make many mistakes in their life and most of the abortions happen in teenage because no one is ready to accept a teenage mother in the society. Therefore, the abortion rate is very high among young girls and most of them are forced into it.

Celebrities have to take tough decisions in their life to save their career and life and for many of them abortion is such one tough decision. The Top 10 Celebrities Who Had an Abortion somewhere in their life are mentioned below. These celebrities are ranked on the basis of their popularity and fame.

  1. Princess Diana
  2. Josie Cunningham
  3. Claire Henley
  4. Dorothy Dandridge
  5. Suzanne Somers
  6. Tallulah Bankhead
  7. Marilyn Monroe
  8. Lana Turner
  9. Monica Lewinsky
  10. Ava Gardner

1.    Princess Diana:

Princess Diana

Princess Diana is known as the most beautiful lady in the world. She Was married to the Prince of England which made her the focus of spotlight and all her actions were broadcasted on the media. She was rumored to have an affair while being married to Prince Charles during which she fell pregnant and was forced to get an abortion to save the royal family from disgrace and from bringing an illegitimate child into the world.

2.    Josie Cunningham:

Josie Cunningham

Josie Cunningham is not particularly a popular celebrity. She is British and took many decisions in her life to get her career a boost that would get her famous but repeatedly failed. Her abortion was one of that bad decision in her life where she aborted the child to get plastic surgery but was later told that she wasn’t fit for the surgery which is the reason that Josie is disliked in the media.

3.    Claire Henley:

Claire Henley

Claire Henley is a member of the Scientology and was featured in the documentary named “Scientology and the Aftermath” which earned her a lot of fame. Scientology is a society of people based on religious beliefs and customs. There are quite a few terrible facts about Scientology that were shown in the documentary. Scientology believes that people should stay childless to exist as part of Church and therefore, there is a high ratio of members in the Sea Organization who have had an abortion, Claire Henley being one of them, even though she was married.

4.    Dorothy Dandridge:

Dorothy Dandridge

Many of the film stars are forced to get an abortion so that they can maintain their feminine figure and youth. Dorothy Dandridge is one of them. Along with abortion, she faced many other problems in life and career as well. The reason being from an African American background due to which she was treated as an unequal. She is ranked among the Top 10 Celebrities Who’ve Had Abortions.

5.    Suzanne Somers:

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers is a very popular celebrity who went under an abortion because of the fear of social disgrace and shame she will have to face. The pressure of maintaining her reputation caused her to get an abortion. She later married the same man who had gotten her pregnant and both of them are still going strong.

6.    Tallulah Bankhead:

Tallulah Bankhead

She was a very famous actress in her time and was known for her sex drive and appetite because of which she had already had four abortions before reaching the age of thirty. She said that she had all these abortions under societal pressure and to keep her career afloat. She is among the Most Famous Person Who Has Had Abortions.

7.    Marilyn Monroe:

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the most admired and acclaimed celebrity of all times who lived a very tough life. She was extremely beautiful due to which she was very popular but also molested and used by many which led her to live a life full of depression and sadness. She was forced to have two abortions by two different people she had affairs with. First, by JFK and the second by Joe DiMaggio.

8.    Lana Turner:

Lana Turner

Lana Turner is a very famous actress of the old times and just like all other female actresses who were forced into having an abortion, Lana Turner was too. She stated that she had aborted two children in her life when abortions weren’t even legal, but Hollywood finds ways for everything. Her second abortion was rather painful and traumatic where she wasn’t given any drug and had excessive bleeding due to lack of care.

9.    Monica Lewinsky:

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky’s name is only famous because of the affair she had with America’s President of that time, Bill Clinton. While having the affair with Bill Clinton, she had deep involvement with someone else who later got her pregnant. Monica claimed that the person left her alone and did not help her in anyway, not even for the abortion. She tried her best to hide her pregnancy and abortion from Bill Clinton to save her relationship with him.

10.  Ava Gardner:

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner is the famous personality carried out a romantic relationship with famous Frank Sinatra who was married at that time and had kids too. It is said that she got pregnant and had an abortion without telling anyone, even Sinatra to keep her career intact. Later, Gardner and Sinatra got married and once again after getting pregnant, Gardner decided to abort the baby to further pursue her career which was the reason for her divorce with Frank Sinatra.


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