Top 10 Countries with Hottest and Most Beautiful Men in the World 2019


There are a lot of things that can count as attractive features in men and different people are attracted by different things. Some like dark haired men and some blonde. Same is the case with eyes, height, facial features etc. Not all men have all the good features at once, but some are lucky enough to have it all and it is generalized that in some countries, most of the men are beautiful and handsome which is what makes up the list of Top 10 Countries with Hottest and Most Beautiful Men in the World. Now, it totally depends on one’s own liking and preference as to what one considers beautiful and hot but the below listed countries have the hottest men.

The Top 10 Countries with the World’s Most Handsome Men in the World are as follows:

  1. Brazil
  2. Italy
  3. Angola
  4. Greece
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Australia
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Sweden
  10. Spain

1.    Brazil:


The men in brazil top all the list ranking Top 10 Hottest Men in the World because they are just that hot. They are a making of beautiful features with high cheekbones, striking eyes and hair colors which makes them perfectly photogenic. The models from Brazil are always high in demand because besides being beautiful, they are handsome as well with tall physiques and broad-shouldered structures. They are just a sight to look at and admire. The men in Brazil just add up the beauty in addition to the landscape for tourists.

2.    Italy:


The men in Italy are beautiful as well and the accent that goes with their looks just makes everything perfect. Italy is great in fashion and the men there are highly involved in the fashion industry which is why they have such great style and are always dressed handsomely. They are very good models as well and are often used in movies. Aside from fashion, Italy is famous for its food including pizza and pasta and its art as well. Some of the greatest painters are from Italy. Artistic men are amazing to look at.

3.    Angola:


Angola is a mixed heritage country which gives the people there some of the best genes. They are a mix of Portuguese culture and African culture and both these countries have excellent genes and when combined, they give you the men of Angola who are highly recruited for modeling and are often seen on the runways. The men there are fourth on the list of Top 10 Countries Where Men are the Main Attraction.

4.    Greece:


Greek men are those that are even mentioned in history as being attractive. In Greek mythology, there are many references to the beauty and hotness of Greek men and they totally live up to the expectations. They are just as handsome as they are said to be with their high cheekbones, facial structure, piercing eyes and dark hair, they are a sight to behold. Their bodies are gorgeous and chiseled. Their thick dark hair is very famous. Greek men are and always will be some of the Most Gorgeous Men in the World.

5.    France:


People say that the Eifel Tower and the art is the main attraction in France, but that is not entirely true because their men are just as much the attraction. French men with tehri unique accents and physique are something that are admired by the whole world especially by the female community. Paris is famous for its fashion shows the men there feel like they have just stepped off a runway because they are always well dressed and groomed.

6.    Germany:


The best example of attractive men from Germany is the football team of Germany which has one after another attractive and hot men. It is no secret that the reason that Germany has most fans for its football team is that the players on their team are extremely hot and appealing to look at and when they play on the grass, the female fans might as well faint from heart palpitations. They are just that good.

7.    Australia:


Even though Australia is an English-speaking country, the difference in the accent is too noticeable and that makes the attractiveness of men there double. The men in Australia have pale complexions and tall body structures making them the epitome of white men. Their simplicity is what makes them so attractive. Apart from being good to look at, they are extremely talented as well because many of them are working in the Hollywood Industry either as actors, singers or models.

8.    United Kingdom:

United Kingdom

British accent is something that has always been considered attractive and aside from that, they are not bad to look at. British men have very beautiful eyes and hair combinations and tall and broad physiques which is the most attractive trait in men. David Beckham is the best example for this who is included in the Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrities.

9.    Sweden:


The men in Sweden are famous for being shy and humble which is a fantastic quality in someone who looks the way men in Sweden do and that is extremely gorgeous. They are often seen on runways as fashion models whenever someone visits Sweden, they are seen on the streets as shy and humble men and both these are totally different categories which is why they are so attractive because they are a little bit of everything.

10.  Spain:


Spain is a beautiful country and many tourists visit Spain every year. But, the scenery is not the main attraction for tourists. The people in Spain, especially men are extremely gorgeous and beautiful. The men in Spain are known for their dance moves and that is what they do best. The football team from Spain has some of the Most Good-Looking Men in the World.


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