Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls 2019


People say that beauty is something that cannot be measured because every person has different prefrences and likings and each one of them will have a separate definition of beauty according to what that person finds attractive. In this world, many standards pf beauty have been defined and it is said that every woman has her own beauty because every woman has something unique that the other doesn’t, but there are some countries where generally all the women are considered pretty and beautiful because of their trademark features or because of observing majority of their women. Still, it is hard to say which country has the best and most beautiful women, but a list has been made stating the Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World.

The list of Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls is as follows:

  1. Brazil
  2. Ukraine
  3. Russia
  4. Venezuela
  5. Italy
  6. Netherlands
  7. United States of America
  8. Philippines
  9. Britain
  10. Turkey

1.    Brazil:


Brazil is on number one on the list and there is a reason for that. The women in Brazil are just too hot and beautiful, almost perfect. Their tanned and tall bodies, beautiful figures and exotic features make them the subject of many people’s dreams. Brazilian women are confident and sporty which just adds points to their beauty. Brazilian women are the most sought after in the modeling field because they have the perfect figures and physique for modeling and designers love to see their clothes being worn by Brazilian models.

2.    Ukraine:


Ukraine women are known to have it all. Hot body, glorious features, boldness, cuteness, and sexiness which is why they are second on the list of Top 10 Countries with the Prettiest Women. The best example of Ukrainian women from the celebrity world is Mila Kunis whose beauty is unexplainable. Their skin color is unique too, a blend of both dark and light that gives them a medium tint an enhances their features.

3.    Russia:


Russian beauty is famous around the globe and for good reason. Russian women are classy and graceful and on top of that they are extremely beautiful. Their eyes are something to look at and their light skin only enhances their eyes. The women of Russia are described as hot, desirable, ambitious and admirable. What else can one ask for in a woman? Most of the women in Russia have blue eyes, blond hair and full lips which means they have everything.

4.    Venezuela:


Venezuela women are what became the inspiration for Barbie. The women of Venezuela hold the most winners from beauty contests of the world because of their thin bodies and pretty faces. They are the symbol of femininity, grace, class and beauty. At the same time, they are known to be extremely wild in some cases, it depends on the occasion. The highest number of winners in Miss World and Miss Universe come from Venezuela.

5.    Italy:


Italy is the home of fashion and this is the reason that Italian girls know how to play their beauty by their dressing. Italian women are known as the most fashionable and stylish women in the world. Their olive skin and dark hair makes them very attractive to the outside world. they know how to dress and how to carry themselves to make them look more beautiful. This is the biggest quality of Italian women.

6.    Netherlands:


The Dutch Women are very tall and have blond hair to match with it making them the poster for barbies. They are very kind and humble which makes them much more attractive. They are famous around the globe because of their beauty and rank sixth on the list of Top 10 Places with the Most Beautiful Girls. The Dutch women are every open minded and liberal.

7.    United States of America:

United States of America

American women are independent, fun and sporty. They have a subtle beauty that makes them so much attractive that they are listed seventh on this list. American women are known because of their easy and fun attitude. The best thing about American women is that they are always open to new options and are ready to try new things always. American women are appreciated by the whole world.

8.    Philippines:


For anyone who prefers innocent and cute women, Philippines is the place for them because the women of Philippine are sweet, caring and beautiful. They are every prominent in many beauty pageants. They are very fun and chill and have an overall good attitude which is why they are included in the list of Top 15 Countries with Most Beautiful Women.

9.    Britain:


Britain does not have one type of women but because they have people form all cultures, their women are very diverse. Some have light skin and some dark. Some have blond hair, and some are brunettes. But, one thing they all have in common is their beauty. The women in Britain are very confident and their posh accent is very appealing to many people. Britain women are used in modeling often because of their class and style and how they carry themselves.

10. Turkey:


The people from Turkey are extremely beautiful and gorgeous especially their women. Their piercing almond eyes, their hair colors, their tall physiques and their gorgeous face structure are admired in the whole world. Turkish women carry themselves like royals they have such a beautiful figure that it is only enhanced by their confidence. Their beauty can be seen in the Turkish soaps and dramas. Turkey is home to wonderful and beautiful women. They are tenth on the list of Top 17 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World.



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