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Facebook claims to log calls and text from mobile phone is only an ‘opt in’ option

Facebook claims to log calls and text from mobile phone is only an 'opt in' option

Facebook was already involved in data scandal but the scandal just took a turn for worst when users of Facebook found out that Facebook was harvesting their call and text logs.

Users also discovered that currently Facebook is collecting all the incoming call and text logs for themselves. Along with call and texts, Facebook is also storing the rest of data including address books and social events in calendars. The following discovery was made right after the Cambridge Analytical Scandal of Facebook when one user tried to delete his account.

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Facebook urges to deactivate the account rather than permanently deleting it as deactivation allows for data to be stored on Facebook’s servers. When a person tries to delete permanently, Facebook asks them to make a copy of their data.

A user named Emma Kennedy tweeted saying that they Facebook have plundered all of her phone data along with all the contacts on phone. One of the Facebook’s spokesperson told t interviewers that when starting the messaging app on phone, contact are uploaded firstly on startup.

However this contact uploading is optional and people are asked for permission also this information can be deleted permanently from the activity log of the Download Your Informational Tool section of the account.

Last week as the allegation grew stronger; Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton suggested that people should now Delete Facebook. A poll has recently made the news that out of 1000 people 65 percent said that they now less trust Facebook.

In latest news to this scandal, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg printed an Apology in UK newspapers. He also stated that it is our responsibility to protect our user’s information.

If we cannot do it then we do not deserve it as well. He further stated that a quiz developed by University researcher leaked millions of people’s data to public in 2014 and his was breach of trust on part of Facebook and we are taking steps to make sure it does not happen in future.