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Goldberg is to be inducted in WWE’s Hall of Fame by Paul Heyman

Goldberg is to be inducted in WWE's Hall of Fame by Paul Heyman


Paul Heyman is the advocate for Brock Lesnar and was always on the side ring for the fights for the famous wrestler, Goldberg with his clients.

Paul has been on the ringside for most of Goldberg’s epic matches Paul Heyman has recently told the reporters that he is soon going to induct the former WCW, World Heavy Weight and Universal Champion into WWE’s Hall of Fame.

Goldberg is to be inducted in WWE's Hall of Fame by Paul Heyman

He will induct Goldberg into Hall of Fame on 2018’s Induction Ceremony that is being held on Friday, April 6th. The induction ceremony is carried out during Wrestle Mania’s 34th week.

Heyman got the glimpse of the devastation and blood carnage that Goldberg can carry out inside the ring when he returned to ring in 2016.

Goldberg challenged Brock Lesnar in a Mega Match for the Survivor Series held in Toronto. Heyman according to his own words was dumbstruck at the result of the match when Goldberg after 12 years of his retirement still managed to defeat Lesnar in under two minutes.

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Heyman further went on to see the carnage pulled out by Goldberg against his client Brock Lesnar at the Universal Championship for the section “The Grandest Stage of them all” on Wrestle Mania’s 33rd event held last year of 2017.

Although Goldberg ended up defeated but the impression to both Lesnar and Heyman was so immense that it shook them to their core.

Heyman has never been known to mince words at people but fans of Goldberg are anxious to know what Heyman will say to present the WWE Universe’s highest sport entertainment honor! The answers will soon be reveled in WWE’s 2018 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony that will be streamed on WWE network on April 6th at 8 P.M. ET and 5 P.M. PT.