Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries 2019


For any country, tax paying is very important if one wants to improve the over all condition of the country. This is especially important for developing countries that are trying to become as better as they can. The tax payed by the residents of the country is used by the Government to make improvements in the country like building roads, schools or making any repair that is required in the country. However, this is only possible if the people play tax regularly and with honesty and the Government uses it with complete honesty and loyalty to the country instead of just hoarding it and filling their own pockets. Taxation is a complex procedure but there are some countries in the World that have very good systems of collecting and using tax for the purpose it is collected and the list of Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries are as follows:

  1. Belgium
  2. Germany
  3. Denmark
  4. Hungary
  5. Slovenia
  6. Austria
  7. Italy
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Finland
  10. Netherlands

1.    Belgium:


Belgium is on top of the list of countries with highest tax rates. Belgium is the country which known as the home for European Union which is a very big deal. The population of Belgium is also very high which is why there are many cultures seen in Belgium. Belgium has the highest rate of average taxation 40.7%. Belgium has the highest income rate which is why people get the highest income tax and people pay it regularly and with devotion which has made Belgium so developed.

2.    Germany:


Germany is known as the powerhouse of Europe. Germany has many small businesses established that work very well to improve the economy of the country. But high income means high taxes, and this is why Germany has become one of the Highest Taxed Countries in the World. Germany has a very strong system of taxation which makes it mandatory for the people earning any income to pay tax no matter where they are earning it from.

3.    Denmark:


Denmark is by no means a big country but still it has a high rate of tax paying. This is because the tax in Denmark is implemented on all levels including state and local which leaves no resident that does not pay tax. When the people of a country start paying tax regularly, the country produces some of the happiest people on Earth because of the peaceful environment it creates for the people. Denmark is included in the countries where people pay the most tax.

4.    Hungary:


Hungary is situated in the center of Europe which makes it one of the densely populated country of the continent. Europe is famous for its tourism and so being in the center of Europe, Hungary has a high tourism rate which is very good for its economy. The income is accumulated at both local and state level. However, there are some factors that if applicable on a family, gives the person a break or some concession from the tax. The tax collected in Hungary gives a huge contribution towards its GDP.

5.    Slovenia:


Slovenia has managed to make quite a remarkable progress in developing its economy despite of it being one of the smallest country in Europe. Due to some past events, Slovenia has become noticed by the world for other reasons than its developed economy and high tax paying rated country. Slovenia is located in the south of Europe.

6.    Austria:


Austria is a country filled with history and architecture which guarantees high tourism and so a good economy. The people in Austria speak German and the population revolves around 8 million. In Europe, Austria is one of the countries with highest income tax rates. The people in Austria pay as much as 50% of their income as tax depending on the income they generate which proves very good for the economy in the long run.

7.    Italy:


Italy is a country full of art and history which is a big attraction for tourists. The beautiful scenery and food in Italy prompts people to visit as much as they can. The system for income tax in Italy is very impressive and most of the economy in Italy depends on the tax payers and there is no shortage of those in Italy. In Italy, people are taxed up to 43% of their total income which is very high and very beneficial for the economy. Italy is one of World’s 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries.

8.    Luxembourg:


In Luxembourg, people are taxed up to 40% of their income. The population rate in Luxembourg is not that much and it is a very small country, but it has some of the strongest economies in the world. it has seventeen different ways of implementing taxes on its people that prevent people form doing any thing against the law.

9.    Finland:


Even though, Finland is only a small dot on the Map with some of the smallest population, it still has a high tax paying rate than any other bigger countries. This country known to have the highest pay rate for teachers because it gives great stress on quality education of its children which ultimately becomes the cause of high income rate and evidently high-income tax. So, they work on long term planning an improving the condition of the economy. Their average taxation is some of the highest in the world.

10.  Netherlands:


Netherlands is a country filled with beautiful landscape and scenery with its developed cities and infrastructure. The people in Netherland are very well educated and have a very high-income tax rate. In Netherlands, tax is accumulated in the form of corporate tax, income tax, and VAT. The flower collection in Netherlands is very famous. It is located in the West of Europe and is included in the list of countries that pay the highest tax. The people in Netherlands pay up to 34% of their income into taxes.


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