Published On: Tue, Apr 3rd, 2018

Israel suspends the refugee agreement from UN to relocate African migrants

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement on Monday which states that Israel is suspending the new agreement with UN Refugee agency which allows for the relocation of African migrants. There was lot of pressure on him to cancel this deal.

Israel suspends the refugee agreement from UN to relocate African migrants

Prime Minister after issuing the statement made a Facebook post sating that he is putting the implementation of the law on hold until more review is made.  The refugee agreement allows the African migrants to not only relocate but also have the right to stay in Israeli.

Israel was founded as the safe haven for Jews from persecution and their national home. The presence of 37,000 Africans is moral dilemma for public of Israel. Right Wing Government of Israel was under pressure from nationalist voter party to get these migrants out of Israel.

The previous relocation agreement stated that 16000 migrants will be relocated to Western nations while the rest will be able to stay in Israel.

The conference held in Jerusalem about his refugee deal was praised by Benjamin Netanyahu at first but hours after the deal he was greatly abolished on social media and calls came rushing in that he must cancel this deal.

Some of the radical Israelis accused Benjamin Netanyahu of caving in to Let Wing government under pressure and in turn betraying the poorest part of City Tel Aviv which has received majority of these immigrants. The inhabitants are at moment enraged and are demanding that these migrants should be expelled from the city.

Benjamin Netanyahu posted a post on Facebook,

“I am attentive to you, especially onwards people of South Tel Aviv.”


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