March 29, 2020

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Karen McDougal confirms her intimate relationship with President Donald Trump McDougal confirms her intimate relationship with President Donald Trump

Yesterday, Karen McDougal in an interview with CNN confirmed being in intimate relationship with President Donald Trump for about 10 months. According to her the relationship was before Trump being elected as President of USA. McDougal confirms her intimate relationship with President Donald Trump

Interview of this former Playboy magazine’s model was conducted by CNN’s correspondent Anderson Cooper in which she stated the frequent visits of Trump, about five times or more in a month. Upon asking as “if they were intimate”, Karen replied that they were for “many dozen times”.

Representatives of Trump have denied allegations to any such affair. Karen also stated that when meeting Trump, the flights were paid by Trump and she thought of it as a precaution for countering the paper trail.

Karen McDougal claim of her relationship with Donald Trump was made after she filed a suit to a company named American Media Inc. to which she had previously sold her rights to tell her story. She filed the suit to end her contract.

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McDougal went on to state that the affair continued for years 2006 to 2007 and was of loving and consensual nature. Other than that she is not aware of any other affair in that time. To put a nail in the coffin, McDougal told the interviewer that during their intimate moments, Trump never used any protection whatsoever. The remarks made by McDougal were

“I did not know he was intimate with other ladies, I thought I was the only one”.

It seems like Trump was involved in various sexual relationships before his time as the president because another case has been filed against him as of right now. The second allegation of an affair with trump has been made by an Adult Film Actress Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels. Representatives of Donald Trump have also denied this allegation as well.