Top 10 List of Largest Cities in the World 2019


Large cities provide more economic benefits and opportunities, modern and better infrastructure and other luxuries that are hard to find in rural areas or small cities. A city can be considered large based on its expansion on earth or the number of people living in it. In today’s world, where population is increasing immensely day by day, cities are growing bigger as well. There are many cities that provide all the necessities and then some luxuries that will be enough for a common man to survive and enjoy his life but there are some like the Top 10 Largest Cities of the World that trump all others in every factor.

The Top 10 List of Largest Cities in the World is as follows:

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Seoul, South Korea
  4. Shanghai, China
  5. Delhi, India
  6. Manila, Philippines
  7. Karachi, Pakistan
  8. New York City, New York
  9. Mexico City, Mexico
  10. Beijing, China

1.    Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan which is not only the largest city in japan but also in the whole world in both population and covering the most geographic area on earth. All the political families and government officials live in japan so it is quite an important city as well. In a very short time Tokyo has grown to a living breathing city as compared to all the other bigger cities that are mentioned in this list. Tokyo took a great fall and damage during World War 2 and still it has revived itself to become the Largest City in the World.

2.    Jakarta, Indonesia:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country based on a couple of small islands that make up several cities of Indonesia. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta and is also second on the list of Top 10 Biggest cities of the World. the population of Jakarta up to 28,300,000 people. Jakarta is a northern city and in the recent previous years, Jakarta has modernized itself and has been a center of population and economic growth.

3.    Seoul, South Korea:

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul in South Korea is the hub for all commercial, financial and administrative workings of the country and has ultimately become the largest city of South Korea along with the capital because of the high number of resources in this city. It is a very modern city and the population of Seoul is up to 25,800,000. Seoul is a city filled with beautiful history and has all the touches of a modern city as well which makes it the epitome of what an Asian city should be. It is known for the modern and beautiful skyscrapers, apartments and buildings. It is a densely populated city.

4.    Shanghai, China:

Shanghai, China

China tops the list for the Most populated country in the world and shanghai is the capital of China, so it is just as populated as its other cities. Shanghai is the kind of city that is involved in all types of businesses at once, so it is a great place for investment because of the large population which has made it a popular city. However, the main businesses that shanghai deals in are trade and finance which is benefitted by the huge sea port Shanghai has.

5.    Delhi, India:

Delhi, India

India is not far behind in the list of Most Populated Countries in the World which is the reason that despite the comparatively smaller size of Delhi in this list, it is still considered fifth on the list of Largest Cities of the World 2019. The population od Delhi amounts up to 22,242,000 which is way more than what a city the size of Delhi should have.

6.    Manila, Philippines:

Manila, Philippines

The capital of Philippines is Manila also known as the center of life in Philippines. Manila is a metropolitan city which means that it has all the resources and luxuries of a big city. It is very stable economically and financially. The sea port beside Manila is the main source of income for most of the people in Manila. The population of Manila is 21,420,000.

7.    Karachi, Pakistan:

Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi is one of the Oldest Cities in the World and hence has a lot of history to look at which makes it a great tourist attraction. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and the population of Karachi is 20,877,000 which is a lot more than many other cities. This city is the most important source of income for the people of Pakistan because most of the big and thriving companies are situated int his city and the sea port of Karachi is also very famous.

8.    New York City, New York:

New York City, New York

New York City is very famous in the whole world especially for tourists because it has everything of the highest quality. The fashion, shopping experience, media, job opportunities are all top notch which why more and more people is gravitating towards New York City. Even though it is a very expensive city, for most people it is their dream city. The population of New York City is 20,464,000. The education in New York City is also one of the best.

9.    Mexico City, Mexico:

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a densely populated city with a population of up to 20,463,00 and is not far behind New York in this list. It is a very major tourist attraction because of the high location and rich history in New Mexico. The traditions, culture and customs are very appealing for tourists and they attract people to visit and stay here.

10.  Beijing, China:

Beijing, China

Beijing is famous in China as the Capital city of the North because of the huge land area of China it is very difficult to declare only one capital. The population of China is the highest in the world and Beijing has the second largest population in China of up to 18,311,000. The city is filled with rich Chinese cultures, customs, food, and traditions and tourism is the main source of income for Beijing and China.


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