June 3, 2020

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Margot Robbie is producing a TV series on Shakespeare play

abcnewspoint.com-Margot Robbie is producing a TV series on Shakespeare play

Margot Robbie, the actress for the latest movie “I, Tonya” has announced production of a ten episode TV series based on Shakespeare’s play.

The TV series is going to be female focused one. As per reported by Deadline, Margot is going to launch this series through not only her Lucky-Chap Entertainment but is also going to broadcast it with help of Australian Broadcasting Company, Hoodlum and ABC Studios Internationally.

abcnewspoint.com-Margot Robbie is producing a TV series on Shakespeare play

The whole project is going to be led by a female creative team and cast and each episode is a standalone one. In each episode, Shakespeare’s most decorated plays are going to be displayed in reflection to modern contemporary world.

TV series shooting is going to be in Australia and the plans are made for later this year.

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LuckyChap officials told interviewers that they are grateful for the Australian Partnership for showcasing this unique TV series. The TV series is going to present female writing along with demonstration of high quality Australian film and TV industry to rest of the world. Each episode is going to share the different views of writers residing in different areas and cultures of Australia.

Margot Robbie got her critical acclamation after her splendid role in movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The movie earned her title of Maverick Star who is unafraid to take any unconventional role. The second rise in her fame came from DC’s new movie Suicide Squad for her role of Harley Quinn., a psychiatrist turned psychopath under influence of major DC villain Joker. Although film was not a big hit but Margot’s role still gained her a huge fan base.

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Margot r3cently produced a movie named I, Tonya in which she starred as the lead role. This movie was also nominated at the Academy Awards for the category of Best Female Actor of the Year. The movie portrayed her as a skater who was brought up in unhealthy and abusive cultural and domestic environment. Along with the Shakespearean project, Margot is also producing a noir thriller named Terminal.