Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Thailand to Visit 2019


Thailand is a place filled with religious, cultural and natural beauty that fills people with a sense of relief and ease that they wish to spend their whole life there. Thailand receives a huge number of tourists every year because of the various types of attractions it has. It is a tropical island which means that it has a number of beaches that people can spend their free time on and some religious places to find peace for people and the natural beauty like forests, ocean and the greenery is something to die for. Many people from the world decide to spend their holidays in Thailand to enjoy the scenic beauty it offers along with the strong Asian culture of Thailand that people love to see. Thailand is a kind of place that everybody can enjoy because there is nothing that people can’t find there to enjoy from.

Thailand has many beautiful places in its boundaries and it is hard to tell which one is the best but the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Thailand to Visit according to people’s reviews are mentioned below:

  1. Railay Beach
  2. Koh Phi Phi
  3. The Grand Palace, Bangkok
  4. Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai
  5. Pai
  6. Khao Yai National Park
  7. Sukhothai Old city
  8. Historic City of Ayutthaya
  9. Doi Suthep
  10. Floating Markets

1.    Railay Beach:

Railay Beach

Railway beach is located in the South of Thailand, it is a small island or peninsula to be more exact that is the biggest attraction in Thailand. Mostly, because of the boundary wall which is a favorite of people that love to do wall climbing and also because of the beautiful and wonderful scenery with the beaches and green forests that have been somewhat taken down to build houses and bungalows for people but still, it is very far away from becoming developed with high buildings so much that it loses its charm. The peninsula still carries its natural beauty.

2.    Koh Phi Phi:

koh phi phi

Koh Phi Phi is an island located in the West of Thailand and this is certainly one of the best Islands in Thailand which has been used for movies to show tropical heavens for people. Koh Phi Phi suffered a tsunami in 2009 which caused great destruction but now it has recovered quite a bit and the tourism in Koh Phi Phi has just grown day by day. There are many ways to entertain oneself in Koh Phi Phi.

3.    The Grand Palace, Bangkok:

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace is a very fascinating historical place for tourists mainly because of the different architectural eras it represents. The buildings that the Grand Palace has on its lands were built in different times of the world. Therefore, when people get tired of just relaxing on the beach and want to enjoy some Thai culture, The Grand Palace is the first place to see.

4.    Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai:


For every country, nothing is better than the street food if one wants to get a taste of the real cuisine of that country. Same is the case with Thai food. The Sunday Walking Street is just the place tourists must visit to taste the delicious Thai food that they will never forget. The variety of food there makes the decision very hard on what to eat first and tourists can simply spend a whole day there to enjoy the food.

5.    Pai:


Pai is the name of a river and the town located around it. The beautiful flowing river gives a scenic and peaceful touch to the town that is perfect for people that want to just relax their minds. Pai is located at the bottom of a mountain which gives the tourists a chance to do trekking if they want and also has many waterfalls and hot springs nearby.

6.    Khao Yai National Park:

Khao yai national park

Elephants are the creature that are the most prized animals in Thailand and the people’s reverence can be seen all around Thailand in the form of statues, sculptures, posters etc. they believe getting to spend a day with them is a blessing which is what this National Park offers. A day with the elephants to see them in their own environment. The National Park is among the Best Places to visit in Thailand with Family.

7.    Sukhothai Old City:

Khao yai national park

The Sukhothai temple or Old City is a place of old ruins dating back to the early 13 and 14 centuries where there are many statues of Buddha and other religious characters. The biggest attraction here is the huge Buddha Sculpture which can be seen from far away. The place is very big, and people chose to rent a bike and explore the Old City. It is one the Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Thailand.

8.    Historic city of Ayutthaya:

Historic city of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is an old capital of Thailand and thus has many palaces and statues and the temples that are still admired by people and a major attraction for tourists. It has just as much history as the city of Sukhothai and thus when a visitor sees one, they have to explore the other one to know the full history and to get the complete experience.

9.    Doi Suthep:

Doi Suthep

Doi suthep is basically a temple with many renowned statues but it is also so much more. It is situated high on a mountain and many people climb it daily to visit the Buddha Statues to get a full observation of the Thai rituals and how they worship.  The staircase that leads to the temple is very steep and long enough to tire a person. Climbing the staircase is a worship in itself.

10.  Floating Markets:

Floating Markets

It is mainly a spot for tourists to enjoy because it has more charm than business in it. The shopkeepers or vendors have their shops arranged on a boat while floating in the lake. They present a beautiful scenery and are very fun to watch while they run about their business without getting on the ground.


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