Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris 2019


Paris is a hub of tourists mainly because of the legendary Eifel Tower present in Paris which is famous for its romantic stories and the beauty it gives to the whole city. Aside from the Eifel Tower, there are many other attractions for tourists. Paris has always been known for its art and culture. It has been home to many famous artists in the history and is famous for its culinary and art schools where people from the whole world wish to study. Paris is a city that is filled with tourists all year round and not only in the holidays which is why there are all types of hotels in Paris which is a necessity since people from all classes visit Paris and they require as much luxury as they can get. So, Paris has some of the most expensive hotels that provide all the luxury one can desire.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris are mentioned below:

  1. Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris
  2. Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris
  3. Le Meurice
  4. Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome
  5. Hotel Le Bristol Paris
  6. Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris
  7. Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere Paris
  8. Shangri-La Hotel Paris
  9. Mandarin Oriental
  10. Saint James Paris

1.    Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris:

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Four Seasons comes on top of any hotel lists because it is definitely the Most Luxurious Hotel in Paris. Anything that a traveler requires, Four Seasons has it all. Be it space, art, history, culture, beautiful flower decorations or intricate designing. The theme of the hotel is mostly historic where Parisian tradition is displayed with full flourish, it also has a modern style penthouse for very special guests that have the money to afford it and like to live the modern way.

2.    Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris:

Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris

This hotel which is also called as a “Palace” is just that with silver themed furniture and décor. The beautiful flower pieces at the reception of the hotel are set in silver colored vases that add a lot more beauty to the place. Situated in a very famous street for shopping and restaurants, this hotel has been a favorite of people for a very long time. The restaurants inside the Plaza are equally good for people to dine in. the suites and rooms are decorated in the same silver setting as the reception and lobby.

3.    Le Meurice:

Le Meurice

One very good fact about Le Meurice and such other hotels is that they have been existing in Paris for more than a century and therefore, contain more architecture and history than any other hotel ever could. The beautiful blend of modernity and traditional in Le Muerice is the major attraction for tourists. It is one of the Most Expensive Hotel in Paris France because of the top level of luxury they provide to their guests. The location of this hotel is very good because it is quite close to the historical locations in Paris.

4.    Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome:

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome

Where most of the hotels in Paris are all filled with traditional art and antiques, the Park Hyatt Hotel offers something new and fresh in its interior designing and furnishing. This modern hotel is a very hit one among the celebrities mostly because they are used to A-class modernity that this hotel offers. The designing of the rooms and suites is stylish and chic with a sense of class that people dig. However, the biggest attraction are the top floor suites that are a house in their own self and cost too much to consider for a normal person.

5.    Hotel Le Bristol Paris:

Hotel Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol is a very famous hotel in Paris and many people choose to stay there during their visit to Paris because it is not completely designed in French themes but also add a feel of English culture which is a welcome change, and this is a fan favorite for newly married couples who decide to spend their honeymoon in Paris.

6.    Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris:

Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris

The Le Royal Monceau is more an art gallery with luxurious rooms on the side rather than a hotel. This hotel was completely reformed to give it a style of an art museum. It has all the things an art museum requires like a gallery, store, concierge and cinema all in one. this hotel is mostly chosen by art lovers who would love to spend their days and nights in Paris surrounded by its traditional art pieces.

7.    Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere Paris:

Hotel Fouquet's Barriere Paris

A hot favorite of famous celebrities, this hotel offers everything a person desires in a top-class hotel with such high prices. The reason is that it is not filled to the brim with historical artifacts and pictures like other hotels. But, gives a sense of modernity to the guests that allows them to explore the art and history outside the hotel themselves instead of having to look at the historic pieces all the time.

8.    Shangri-La Hotel Paris:

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

This is a world-famous hotel and for many people the only hotel in Paris worth staying in because it gives a spectacular view of the Eifel tower which is the biggest attraction for tourists and also because it makes the guests feel like they are living in the French era without being smothered by it. It is one of Most Expensive and Luxurious Hotel in Paris.

9.    Mandarin Oriental:

Mandarin Oriental

This modern yet traditional hotel is situated in a busy street filled with boutiques perfect for visitors to enjoy their time. The interior of the hotel is understated and classy that fulfills the purpose of luxury and the heavy amount they charge for staying here.

10.  Saint James Paris:

Saint James Paris

This hotel is a perfect choice for couples because the setting of the rooms and suites is very romantic and beautiful. This is a classical type of hotel in the middle of a modernized Paris which balances out everything for the visitors. This is the Best Luxury Hotel in Paris.


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