Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in the World 2019


Jewelry is something that already symbolizes money and everything expensive. It has been a part of human history in various ways. Everybody ahs different reasons for adorning themselves with jewelry and spending so much money on buying it. Some buy jewelry to represent their class and social status, some symbolize it with wealth, some think that their outfits are incomplete without having matching jewelry to go with it and some think that the jewelry is a sign of commitment and relationships. Whatever the reason for wearing jewelry is, the main job that jewelry does is decoration of the human body and that of mostly females because men have lesser interest in wearing jewelry than women who are always attracted by beautiful and expensive pieces of jewelry.

With time, many mesmerizing and intricate designs of jewelry have been seen in the world and the brands are always doing their best to make their next design as alluring as they can. Some even say that jewelry has the power of seduction and it might be true if we consider the Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands in the world.

  1. Harry Winston
  2. Cartier
  3. Dior
  4. Tiffany and Co.
  5. Buccellati
  6. Graff
  7. Piaget
  8. Bvlgari
  9. Mikimoto
  10. Chopard

1.    Harry Winston:

harry winston

It is obvious that whichever is the Most Expensive Jewelry Brand in the World must deal in Diamonds because diamonds are the most expensive stone in the world and most appreciated one too because diamonds hold a beauty that cannot be denied by anyone. Harry Winston is famous because it has been established for a long time and has produced such awing pieces of jewelry that left the world shocked by its beauty. Harry Winston holds the credit for designing the Hope Diamond that is known to be worn by many famous personalities of history. So, it is held as a landmark for the creativeness of harry Winston.

2.    Cartier:


Cartier is a very well-known jewelry brand and comes from a long line of family that has been involved in the same business for decades and has been producing such enchanting pieces of jewelry that they have now become one of the Most Expensive and Luxurious Jewelry Brands. Cartier is known for making jewelry for Royal Families that are still existing in their lines as a symbol of their history and wealth. Cartier has designed many jewelry pieces that have been worn by celebrities to show off their fame and money.

3.    Dior:


Even though Dior is not that old of a jewelry brand as some of the other expensive ones, it beats many brands in the race of fame and creativity. Dior is known to design pieces that would look good on anyone and mixing the regular pieces of jewelry with high rise diamonds and making it look like it was just made for the person who buys it. Dior is one of the Most Luxurious Jewelry Brand.

4.    Tiffany and Co.:

Tiffany and Co.

 Tiffany is a brand of expensive jewelry that has been featured in many movies as well and it has extremely added fame and popularity to the brand because to see a whole plot revolving around this brand has made it well-known to the audience that there is something special about this brand to be displayed in movies. Moreover, the designs of Tiffany that were shown in the movies were carefully selected pieces of art that were so beautiful that it made every person wish to be as rich or privileged to be able to buy that diamond.

5.    Buccellati:


Buccellati has a very different style of making jewelry and that is mixing silver platinum and gold all in one piece to make something unique out of it. All these metals are mixed in such a way that the jewelry gets a very elegant and unique look to it that is not made anywhere in the world. They have origin in Italy and their jewelry is also inspired by the Italian culture rather than being French as is the case with many famous jewelry brands.

6.    Graff:


rather than producing simple and delicate designs like other famous brands, Graff keeps its focus on showcasing one big stone and producing an elegant design out of it which keeps Graff’s identity separate from others. Many people look towards Graff to design them jewelry that would be able to showcase tehri family stones.

7.    Piaget:


Piaget started its business by making wristwatches that were adorned with beautiful rocks and most important diamonds that made it very famous among the rich class of the World especially in Europe. Later, when their wristwatch business had completely soared to great heights, it enlarged its business by entering the field of making jewelry and became one of the top 10 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands in the World.

8.    Bvlgari:


Bvlgari is known to mix elegance with boldness by using unique and bigger stones and then shaping them into such designs that they look beautiful and odd at the same time but admired by the buyers nevertheless. Their unique and different style but still a traditional approach to jewelry is what has gained them such popularity over the years.

9.    Mikimoto:


Mikmoto is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world. Mikimoto not only uses diamonds to design their jewelry but they use a very nice blend of pearls, gold and platinum along with the diamonds that make the jewelry look out of the world and exceptionally beautiful. This is most admired by people with a keen interest in all things pearls.

10.  Chopard:


Chopard is among the Top Jewelry Brands of the Word and the reason is their wonderful designs that are made with careful selected stones that are set in heavy gold and given a shape so beautiful that people buy it on first sight. They give a lot of importance to having detail and elegance in their designs.


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