Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands in the World 2019


Perfumes have a way of making one feel beautiful, sexy, admirable and fascinating all at the same time, be it man or woman and they have been doing so for centuries. The only difference is that at first, the perfumes used to be natural essences of fruits, flowers and plants, but now it has become a full-grown business and is leading the market while competing against other businesses. Brands have found a way to market their perfumes in such a way that customers are willing to buy them for the obscene of prices for a small bottle of scent. However, it has now almost become a need for everyday use, so people are going to buy it whatever the price and brands use it to their advantage by selling perfumes at very high prices.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands in the World are mentioned below:

  1. Shalini
  2. Jar
  3. Clive Christian
  4. Ralph Lauren
  5. Joy
  6. Baccarat
  7. Annick Goutal
  8. Caren
  9. Chanel
  10. Hermes

1.    Shalini:


Shalini is known as the most popular perfume brand in the world. The unique and attractive scent of this perfume makes anyone whose wearing it stand out. The scent is so famous that it can be recognized easily and the person wearing it will automatically be considered a person from a posh background because at $5000 per bottle or even more, it is impossible for a common man to buy it regularly. This scent is considered almost an identity and women wear it with pride and feel beautiful and alluring while wearing it.

2.    Jar:


The bottle and scent of the Jar perfumes is known worldwide due to the gold color and inimitable scent. This is also considered a status symbol and people feel immense pleasure in being able to afford it because it is quite expensive at $4000 a bottle. This is only for people with exclusive tastes with a lot of money to spend. The floral fragrance of the Jar perfumes is easily distinguishable.

3.    Clive Christian:

Clive Christian

Unlike many perfume brands that focus only on women as their target market, Clive Christian is a British perfume brand that produces perfumes for both men and women and their perfumes are equally appealing to both. They are very famous among the elite British society even the Royals and their trademark bottle design is very famous. They have 20 different types of scents in perfumes for men and women because everyone has a different taste, but they have been equally successful in every scent. One bottle of Clive Christian perfume costs about $3500. It is also one of the Most Expensive Perfume Brands 2019.

4.    Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren

Ralph is a brand that is a mixture of several products. It deals in clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes. It is a very famous brand for all their products especially among the elite class. The major business of Ralph Lauren is clothing, but perfumes have been released in many different fragrances and people absolutely love them. these perfumes are produced with the partnership of Ralph Lauren and Loreal. A bottle costs $3000.

5.    Joy:


Joy is a very vintage brand and it goes back up to 1930. The fragrances of Joy are very beautiful, and the bottles hold equal value. The bottles have a very pretty design and people admire it because of the scent and the design both. This brand has become very popular in the United States. One bottle of Joy perfume costs $1600 which makes it one of the Top 10 Expensive Perfumes in the World.

6.    Baccarat:


Baccarat is basically a fashion brand originating in France and it has released a line of its own perfumes. The perfumes are enclosed in a beautiful deep red bottle and the fragrances are floral and appealing. The bottle of one Baccarat perfume costs 3000 euros. This French brand is very popular which is the reason for the success of its perfume line.

7.    Annick Goutal:


The perfume of Annick Goutal is different than other brands. They make their perfumes in a thick consistency which makes sure that the perfume stays longer and give a fresh feel the whole day. The brand was made by a well-known pianist who also started up this brand. This brand has been existing since 1980 and has more than 50 perfumes in its line of products. This is one of the Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands 2019.

8.    Caren:


Perfumes are made for one’s own satisfaction and to give people a sense of freshness. The Caren perfumes do just that. They give people such a beautiful scent that people feel fresh and sexy at the same time. People buy this perfume regularly even for the high amount of $3500. Caren is a French brand which was started in 1904 making it one of the oldest perfume brands in the world. it has more than 50 different scents. People collect its bottles because of their unique design.

9.    Chanel:


Chanel might not be the most expensive one, but it is definitely the Most Favorite Perfume Brand in the World. orders are pre-booked for the upcoming perfumes of Chanel because people know that it is going to be good and they are willing to pay whatever amount for getting their hands on the latest Chanel perfume as soon as possible. Chanel No. 5 is a very famous perfume right now.

10.  Hermes:


Unlike other brnads that have sutle and floral frnagrances, Hermes is known for the extravagant scent of their perfumes which is identifiable even in large crowd and people want just that, to be distinguished among other people. The unique scent of Hermes perfume makes it very popular and people buy it even for the large sum of $1500 per bottle. The brand is a century old, so it has a lot of experience in knowing what people want in their perfumes and they deliver it precisely.


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