Top 10 Most Expensive States to Live in America 2019


The expensiveness of a state is defined by how much the factors like food, child care, housing, medical, transportation and taxes cost. In today’s world, people might dream of having big houses, amazing jobs, expensive cars and much more but if someone is living the 10 Most Expensive States of America, it can only remain a dream because these states are so expensive that even getting by on a day to day basis is hard let alone fulfilling one’s dream. These states can only be easy to live in if one had an income of millions because even the minor of products is expensive here. Buying a house in these states and living a luxurious life is almost impossible for a person who has an average income.

The Top 10 Most Expensive States to Live in America are as follows:

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Maryland
  5. Connecticut
  6. New Jersey
  7. Virginia
  8. Alaska
  9. Hawaii
  10. Colorado

1.    California:


Having an income of more than $65k will allow a person to live decently in California and it still doesn’t guarantee a luxurious life. This is the reason that California is at the top of the list of America’s Most Expensive States. Due to the high population, housing is very expensive in California and when a person is living in California even a trip to the grocery store will cost a heavy amount. In some areas of California, the cost of living decently is even higher than $65k.

2.    New York:

New York

New York is one of the metropolitan cities of America where average house costs up to 1.6 million dollars and the rent is even more ridiculous, that is, if one even finds a place to rent because of the high population ratio. There is only a $200 difference between the income ration of California and New York. In New York, everything is expensive from child care to food to utilityl bills.

3.    Massachusetts:


Massachusetts is number third on the list of America’s Most Expensive States and for good reason. Massachusetts has all the resources and essentials that people wish to have near their residence. It is a very big state and has many famous spots. The population of Massachusetts is increasing day by day. A main reason for this increase is that the some of the top universities of America are in Massachusetts. People wish to study there and have to move to Massachusetts no matter how much it costs. The average living wage of Massachusetts is up to $64k.

4.    Maryland:


It is said that Maryland has the highest prices for houses in its suburbs in the whole nation. Even the cost of a small and everyday use item like eggs cost twice the price it will cost in a state like Kansas. The average living cost in Maryland is not really that different Massachusetts and has only a difference of a few hundred dollars which doesn’t matter much when one is talking about thousands of dollars to survive in a state like Maryland.

5.    Connecticut:


A simple visit to the doctor in Connecticut costs and average person about 130 dollars and that is too much for a person who lives on hand to mouth basis. Child care is very expensive in Connecticut and so is housing. A person must have an average income of $63 k to moderately live in Connecticut. Hospitals cost the most in this state be it a dentist or a gynecologist.

6.    New Jersey:

new jersey

New Jersey is a very famous state of America and one of the reasons is that it used to give the residents of New Jersey gas at the lowest price in the whole country. However, recently, an increase was seen in gas prices. Despite the low gas prices, new jersey is still a very expensive state because everything else makes up for it including housing, child care, food, utilities etc.

7.    Virginia:


Virginia is a coastal state with a lot of history. It is in the far southeastern side of the country and very close to the northern areas. It is a very expensive states based on housing, clothing, food, grocery and utilities. An average person needs to earn about $61k to live comfortably in this state and still face difficulties because of the expensive economy of Virginia. It is home to many historical monuments of the United States, so it gets a lot of tourists.

8.    Alaska:


Alaska is the coldest state of America so the gas and energy bill alone is too much to bear for an average person. The whole state is covered in snow and is a very huge tourist attraction because of the beautiful scenery. The people living in this state have to bear high energy bills or die from cold because the temperature is always in minus. However, unlike other expensive states where people actually enjoy living, Alaska is a state where people are very reluctant to live in because of the extremely low temperate which is why it is eight on the list.

9.    Hawaii:


Hawaii is the tropical island of America completely covered with water. It is a beautiful state with a lot of greenery with thick forests and a wonderful view of the sea everywhere. The tourists are found in Hawaii year around because the weather there is amazing all the time. Still, it is a very expensive state to live in when all the costs are added up but unlike Alaska, people are willing to live here no matter how much it costs them a year.

10.  Colorado:


Not many people will know this, but Colorado is the 10th Expensive State in US all because only one factor, child care trumps everything else and makes it so much expensive that it is included in the top ten. The housing, food and utilities here are relatively cheaper but child care makes up for everything else.


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