Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World 2019


The wedding day is one of the happiest days for any bride and groom. This day is spent lavishly and by spending as much money as they can to make this day beautiful and magical. Some people even go above and beyond to stand out among their peers and then there are people like the ones mentioned in the list below who have broken records in buying a dress for their wedding day. Celebrities are at a constant war in trying to get the Most Pretty and Most Expensive Wedding Dress they can find to make their wedding day even more special than it already is.

The brides mentioned below have managed to find a spot in the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World due to the amount of money they have invested in their wedding.

  1. The Diamond Wedding Gown ($12 Million)
  2. Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress ($8.5 Million)
  3. Peacock Wedding Dress ($1.5 Million)
  4. Danasha Luxury Gown ($1.5 Million)
  5. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress ($400,000)
  6. Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress ($400,000)
  7. Amal Alamuddin’s Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gown ($380,000)
  8. Mauro Adami Wedding Dress ($375,000)
  9. Platinum Wedding Dress ($250,000)
  10. 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress ($160,000)

1.     The Diamond Wedding Gown ($12 Million)

The Diamond Wedding Gown

This beautiful dress is most definitely The Most Expensive Dress in the World because of the many diamonds that adore this dress and work as embellishments on it. The dress is completely made and decorated with diamonds that not only make it beautiful but equally expensive and it stands at an astonishing price of $12 million which is much more than a common person can afford in his life. The light that shines off of the diamonds on this dress add am essence of luxury that most women desire.

2.     Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress ($8.5 Million)

yumi katsura white gold dress

Mush like the previous dress on this list, this dress has not been sold yet because of the expensive tag attached to it and also because the designers refuse to sell it and keep it as a sample of what they have to offer to their clients in terms of their designer creations. This dress is worth 8.5 million dollars and is made completely of white gold, both cloth and craft work. The design on it is made of white gold and people yearn to wear this dress on their wedding dress.

3.     Peacock Wedding Dress ($1.5 million)

Peacock Wedding Dress

The peacock wedding dress stands at the same price as the Danasha Wedding dress but the similarities end there. Where the previous dress is completely made of silk, this Peacock dress is made completely of real Peacock feathers and is designed in such a way that the bride would look like an actual peacock waiting to get married. The feathers were collected for a year before the designer was able to make this dress. The dress is very beautiful and looks like a living breathing peacock.

4.     Danasha Luxury Wedding Dress ($1.5 Million)

danasha luxury gown

Unlike all the other dresses in this list, the Danasha Luxury Wedding Dress is made entirely of silk and delicate intricacies to show luxury and standard. This dress is said to be a perfect choice for any elite bride because of the underhanded and sophisticated design of this dress. The dress is very beautiful and made for comfort and luxury instead of heavy embellishments and jewellery. This dress has been the choice of many women on their wedding day.

5.     Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress ($400,000)


Kate Middleton is the princess of England and when she married Prince George, she had a custom Alexander McQueen dress made especially for her big and special day which was going to be aired live on televisions for the whole world to see. The price of this dress is $400,000 completely matching the status of the Royals. The dress has light designing and detail and was very pretty and something that people still talk about when choosing their own wedding dress.

6.     Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Wedding Dress ($400,000):

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress

Kim Kardashian is one of the Most Famous Hollywood Celebrities right now and is known by the whole world so obviously she was not going to wear any ordinary dress on her wedding day. The dress was made by a famous designer called Givenchy especially for her and was sold at a price of $400,000 dress same price as the one of Kate Middleton’s Royal dress and Kim Kardashian is no less than royalty in Hollywood.

7.     Amal Alamuddin’s Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gown ($380,000)

Amal Alamuddin’s Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gown

This dress was worn  by the famous Amal Clooney when she married the famous Hollywood multi talented man George Clooney who is known everywhere for his talents. Their wedding was extremely lavish as was the dress. This was the last dress ever designed by the designer Oscar de la Renta which is why it gained so much popularity that it became one of the Most Popular Wedding Dress is was put in the museum for some time. The dress was also extremely expensive at $380,000.

8.     Mauro Adami Wedding Dress ($375,000)

Mauro Adami Wedding Dress

The silk gown by Mauro Adami is very pretty and adorned with platinum work which brings its price to £375,000 and the dream of many brides around the world. The dress is very pretty and delicate and elegantly designed with a lot of thought put into it.

9.     Platinum Wedding Dress ($250,000):

Platinum Wedding Dress

Unlike all the other dresses on this list, this dress is made from a combination of platinum and silver and usually people find it hard to believe until they see it themselves. The work and detail put into this dress is extraordinary and the work is justified by a price of $250,000.

10.  999,9 Carat Gems Wedding Dress ($160,000):

999,9 Carat Gems Wedding Dress

Instead of diamonds, silver and platinum, this dress is made the finest silk and adorned with the most expensive of gems the designer could find which make the dress extremely beautiful and Justas hard to afford. The price of this outstanding gown is $160,000 and many brides wish to wear this dress on their big day.


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