Top 10 Most Famous Female Celebrities in the World 2019


Fame is something that is achieved through a lot of hard work and determination but sometimes it is just pure luck that gets people famous. Some people have such amazing talent that they end up getting famous in a very short time which usually astounds the world. Celebrities get more famous with the amount of fan following they get. Nowadays, everything is done on the internet and fans are continuously looking up their favorite celebrities up on the internet and checking out their latest works which makes those celebrities famous and rich and female celebrities are not in any way behind men.

The Top 10 Most Famous Female Celebrities in the World are as follows:

  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Scarlett Johansson
  4. Miley Cyrus
  5. Jessica Alba
  6. Rihanna
  7. Kim Kardashian
  8. Shakira
  9. Ellen DeGeneres
  10. Eva Mendes

1.    Angelina Jolie:


Aside from being one of the Most Beautiful Female Celebrities, Angelina Jolie is also a very talented female and she completely deserves all the fame she has gotten in her life and career. She is an amazing actress, a passionate humanitarian and a very good producer and director and a mother to six children, three of whom are adopted. She has gotten great appreciation and awards for every step she has taken in her career because she has done everything with great determination.

2.    Taylor Swift:

taylor swift

Taylor Swift produces just the kind of music that people like and especially girls going through a break-up because most of her songs revolve around break ups and that too from experience. At first, she used to produce almost fairytale kind of music that was really loved by people but now she has kind of changed her style. However, she is just as much loved by her fans and is included in the list of Most Popular Female Singers of all time.

3.    Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson is a very versatile and famous actress in Hollywood and has always showed extreme acting talent in her movies which have made most of her movies a huge success. She has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which is a definite go for being included in some of Top Hollywood Female Celebrities in the World.

4.    Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus started her career through a television series on Disney channel as a teen where she played the character of a singer “Hannah Montana” which really gave her career a great kickstart and she has been utterly famous since then and has been leading a successful career as a singer and an actor both. Recently, she has brought a change in her style has started to be a bit risky and open in her music videos.

5.    Jessica Alba:

jessica alba

Jessica Alba’s career started at a very young age, but it didn’t stop her from making people love her. She has a very different personality and appearance than the other actresses and she is extremely beautiful which is one of the many reasons that she is so popular. She has worked in many prominent movies and has done roles that will always be remembered by her which is why she is among the Top 10 Most Famous Female Actresses.

6.    Rihanna:


Rihanna is a very famous pop singer and an icon for many because of her unique and different style and the gorgeous voice she has. People love her and her songs equally. All her songs and albums have been a great hit and she has won many awards in her career because her every song is amazing and easy to listen to. she has a bit of a bold style which is admired by many.

7.    Kim Kardashian:

kim kardashian

The Kardashian family are all the Most Googled Celebrity 2019 because they all are a family of unique and bold personalities that have something to contribute to the social media and Hollywood. Most of them became famous by being casted in the TV serial “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The Kardashians keep up active social media accounts and all of them are either involved in acting, clothing or makeup lines that are quickly taking over the business and many people live their life following the Kardashians.

8.    Shakira:


Shakira is a Spanish singer who is also famous for her song writing and dancing especially her belly dance which she has often displayed in her music videos. Her most famous song and album is “Hips Don’t Lie”. She also sang the song for 2010 FIFA World Cup which everybody loves just as much as they did back then. She has also done some voice overs in American animated movies. Right now, she is dating a famous Football player Gerard Pique who plays for FC Barcelona, one of the best teams in football.

9.    Ellen DeGeneres:

ellen degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is the best and one of the most famous TV show host, comedian, and actor. She has been doing her show for a few decades and it has become the most watched TV show because of the easy humor she uses in her show and the games she plays and the giveaways she arranges for her audience and other randomly picked people. She is a strong supporter of LGBTQ community since she, herself is gay and has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contribution to the LGBTQ community. She is a role model for many people.

10.   Eva Mendes:


Eva Mendes is the wife of famous Hollywood Actor Ryan Gosling and is an actress herself as well as a businesswoman and model. She has shown phenomenal acting skills in all her movies and is admired by many. She is extremely beautiful and talented which has worked a lot in her favor and she has been casted in great roles throughout her career. Her marriage to Ryan Gosling is also a reason she has gained a huge fan following.


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