Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in the World 2019


Music is not something to be learnt but to be felt. Many musicians in this world have tried to influence people with their songs and tunes but only a few have succeeded. The most famous musicians have always been those that have had an aptitude for it rather than forcing oneself to learn music through schools and academies. These academies exist only to polish the already existing skills not to give birth to them. The few artists that have succeeded in making music that was heard by the whole world are the ones that are included in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in the World and they are all mentioned below:

  1. Justin Timberlake
  2. Taio Cruz
  3. Bruno Mars
  4. Pitbull
  5. David Guetta
  6. Eminem
  7. Drake
  8. Kanye West
  9. Usher
  10. Chris Brown

1.    Justin Timberlake:

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is the most popular and charming singer of the world because of which he attracts a large female fan following. He has a way of influencing his fans through his songs and personality that everybody in the world loves him which is why all his albums are record-breaking. He started his career as a part of a boy band which was utterly successful and then he went his separate way to later pursue a career in acting which was also quite successful because of his good looks. He did acting for a few years and then again resumed his singing career when he released two back to back albums. Justin Timberlake is now the Number 1 Male singer in the World.

2.    Taio Cruz:

Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, rapper and also produces wonderful records. He was nominated for an award for his first album which is a very big deal and after that, he has released multiple hit albums that have been continuously praised by the fans. His most famous song is the track named “Dynamite” which topped the charts for a very long time and is still a fan favorite. Taio Cruz deserves a spot on the Best Singer in the World Right Now.

3.    Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has not been in the industry for a long time but still, he has managed to make a place in people’s heart with his different music style, writing skills and the wonderful vocals he possesses. He is liked by people from all over the world. he mostly sings songs about romance and relationships that make youngsters relate to his songs especially. His most famous songs as of yet have been Just the Way You Are, The Lazy Song, Billionaire, and Grenade. He always tries to add an element of fun in his songs.

4.    Pitbull:


Pitbull is a rapper and singer. He mostly makes songs that have a catchy tune that makes the fans love his songs immediately. He got a career boost when “Give me Everything Tonight” hit the charts which are his most famous song and he was noticed by people. Since then, he has been releasing hit after hit songs and each one is better in the other.

5.    David Guetta:

David Guetta

David Guetta started his career by starting a production line himself and then after a year, he released an album and after that, it has been all success for him. He has an amazing talent of being a DJ and his music mixes are always loved by people and are even more famous than his songs, his most known albums are Sexy Bitch and Getting Over You. All his albums are eagerly waited for and immediately bought by the fans.

6.    Eminem:


Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time because all his sings contain a story that is told through his rap and does not just mumble ineligible words to make a song like many other rappers of today. He is a fan favorite because of his amazing rapping skills and the songs he writes. All of his songs are always beautifully composed, and he mostly collaborates with talented singers that make his songs even better.

7.    Drake:


Drake is a multitalented person. He writes songs, sings them, is a rapper and also produces records. He started his career from acting and then moved towards singing and rapping where he has gained a lot of popularity all over the globe. Drake has a global presence and that is why he is number seventh on the list of Best Male Singers Today.

8.    Kanye West:

Kanye West

Kanye West is among the Famous Male Singers Today and there is a reason for that. This American singer started his career by being starred in The Blueprint which became the reason for his popularity and then he has been gradually gaining success in the Industry. He has sold maximum records of has released many hit songs in the previous years.

9.    Usher:


Usher is a very popular male singer, and this is because even though he has not released that many albums but the ones that he has have all been super hit and globally liked by fans with a demand for more. He has won many awards while attaining a very huge fan following. He is included in the list of Top 10 Singers in the World and he deserves to be.

10.  Chris Brown:

Chris Brown

Even though he had a rocky start to his career and was unable to get recognized in the Music World at first, he did not lose hope and continued to make songs that were unique and different from others and then finally he gained some appraisal by the people and he became utterly famous, along with being a singer, he is a wonderful dancer which is often shown in his music videos. He has also won awards including a Grammy. He is included in the list of top 10 Best Male Singers in the World right now.


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