Top 10 Most Popular Video Games in the World 2019


Video games have been a part of everyday life for a long time both for children and adults. From the time it has been introduced, console games have created a hype that has hasn’t died out even now after so many years and now they are used as a favorite past time between friends and family alike for both girls and boys. Video games can be played by multiple players at once which is the best feature. Since its invention, a large variety of video games have been released each one better than the other and with different features regarding the preference of the players and there has always been a group of people that loved the game for their own different reasons but it seems like that this craze of video games will go on for a very long time.

After so many years, there are countless video games that have come and gone, but the Top 10 Most Popular Video Games in the World that are still alive in people’s heart and on their Tv Screens are as follows:

  1. Minecraft
  2. Counter strike
  3. WoW
  4. Grand Theft Auto
  5. Skyrim
  6. Angry Birds
  7. Call of Duty
  8. Super Mario
  9. Need for Speed
  10. Pac Man

1.    Minecraft:


Minecraft is number one on the Most Popular Video Games of all times and there is a reason for that. Minecraft was released in 209 and since then the hype it created has not died down because there has simply been no other game to match or compare to it. There is no strategy to play this game, this game is simply about enjoying one’s time while trying to build mine blocks and getting to the next level.

2.    Counter Strike:

Counter Strike

War games have a tendency to become popular more than any other genre in video games. so, it is no surprise that Counter Strike became one of the Most Played Game in the World because it has all the features on it to be an excellent video game in the War genre. People love this video game because of the realistic features and the setup of the game. it is fun to play with friends and family.

3.    WoW:


The old video games had only limited features and characters and they were not even that good but what they had was the element of addiction in which the player could not leave the game without finishing it. But after that, the game got boring because there was nothing new in the game left. But games like WoW have solved this problem for the gamers. In these role-play games like WoW people can become a character themselves in the gaming universe and feel like they are living in the game. they can fight, build homes, gather troops, etc. and whatever they want to feel like a part of the game. players from all over the world can be partners in this game through technology.

4.    Grand Theft Auto:

Grand Theft Auto

GTA is a very popular game and there are very few people who have not played this game in their childhood. The main character of the game is a gangster who goes around the city completing missions and hiding from the police while doing it. The game has simple controls and interesting locations and features that turn up at every turn. Since its release, there have been many updated versions of this game and each one is liked equally. Therefore, it is one of the Best Console Games in the World ever.

5.    Skyrim:


This is another role-playing game that has been going strong for over five years now and people have not yet tired of it. These role-play games tend to become addictive which is why people are so loyal to it and unwilling to try out a new and better game and Skyrim is just that. It is among the best-selling video games of the world and people are still loving it even after the release of so many other games.

6.    Angry Birds:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the simplest games to have reached this level of popularity. The learning process of the game is very simple and is a very good outlet for frustration and anger by just knocking off tiles by throwing birds through a slingshot. The characters in the game are very interesting. In fact, there has even been a movie made about this game and this is why it is the Most Popular Video Game Right Now.

7.    Call of Duty:

Call of Duty

Call of duty is a role-playing game where there is a whole fictionized world for players to enjoy and do whatever they want like building an army, fighting other people, collecting loots, etc. This game is very popular among the male population but is liked by women just as much. This game requires the teammates to interact with each other online which adds the level of investment in the game.

8.    Super Mario:

Super Mario

Super Mario is one of the first ever video game to be released so it is evident to be included in the Top 10 most Played Video Games in the world. This game is equally liked by kids and adults and is still as famous as the day it was released.

9.    Need for Speed:

Need for Speed

Need for Speed is a racing game and one of the best. Even though there have been many updated versions and variations of racing games in the world but NFS is still a fan favorite because of the memories that are associated to it and because of the simple control and features of this game.

10.  Pac Man:

Pac Man

It is one of the best Arcade Game of all times. People have enjoyed it in all eras and still do on their computers. If anyone today, was asked about Pac Man they would definitely have played or heard of this game, it is that much popular.


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