Top 10 Most Powerful and Strongest Militaries in the World 2019


The strength and power of a country is determined by how strong its military is. But, to make a military strong, resources are very important, and the Military must have the proper facilities it requires. The basic resources that a Military must have are a proper and big budget, weapons and arms, man force and labor, tanks for Army, flying aircrafts for Airforce and Submarines and ships for the Navy. If a country does not even have these things, then the Military of that country is of no worth because it is impossible to win without these resources no matter how much training is given.

The Top 10 Most Powerful and Strongest Militaries in the World that have all these things and are feared by the whole world are mentioned below:

  1. United States
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. France
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Italy
  8. Germany
  9. Japan
  10. Turkey

1.    United States:

The United States

The United States has the Strongest Military and Armed Forces in the World because of the heavy advantages it has and because it has been a fully developed country for a very long time and has all the resources to spend on the brutal training they give to their forces. The US has a unique concept of a SEAL who does not specialize in one field of forces but is a master of all. They trained for Army, Navy, and Airforce and are said to be unstoppable. The United States has the largest amount of resources in the world in every manner.

2.    Russia:


Russia has the second strongest military in the world and it comes in very close competition to the United States. The military of Russia is lethal and would do whatever it takes to win and get power over the world which is what it has been doing for so many years. They have the largest number of tanks to use for their army which makes their Army very dangerous. Their nuclear weapons are also something to fear.

3.    China:


China is the largest country in the world in terms of population. So, their armed forces have a large number of labor and manpower which can dominate any army if it comes to that. In addition to that, China has advanced immensely and I working on making its Military as strong as possible. It also comes in close competition to Russia and the United States in terms of tanks and submarines.

4.    India:


India is not far behind in population from China and hence, has a very large military as compared to other Powerful Countries of the World. India did not have much weapons and equipment, but recently it has immensely grown and has added new equipment to its armed forces which have given glorious power to the country and given the world something to fear about in India.

5.    France:


Even though the French military is not that large in number, it makes up for it in strength and capability. They are given heavy training which makes them ready for any situation they might have to face and now France has a deadly military that the whole world fears to fight because of the lethal way they fight. France has experience of fighting in World Wars, so it has that advantage as well.

6.    United Kingdom:

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is on top of the list in terms of budget because it is a royal country and thus is very well funded which means that they get the best training in the world. the stakes for entering the military are very high and there are many steps to be crossed before a person can enter the field. Their army is always ready for war and it has some of the best equipment to fight a war with. It is one of the Most Powerful Armies in the World.

7.    Italy:


Italy has recently completely evolved its military by improving their training and adding a heavy amount of equipment to their military including submarines and tanks that really help their forces. Their military has gotten a real-life combat experience with the help of foreign lands called Somalia and Yugoslavia. Their military personnel is very large and highly trained too.

8.    Germany:


Economically, Germany is very strong and spends a huge amount of its annual budget on the training of its armed forces but due to the lack of equipment which includes no aircraft carriers, the ranking of Germany has immensely dropped but still Germany is growing in these terms too and soon will become of the best in the world. The economic condition of Germany helps it a lot in fighting against the world.

9.    Japan:


Japan has recovered a lot after the heavy destruction it faced in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since then, Japan has worked its best to build a strong military and has now entered the list of Best Trained Military in the World because of the hard work they have put in. japan has removed the right to declare war from its constitution which has decreased its ranking, but this is the only thing they lack. Otherwise, it could be ranked in the Top 5 Most Powerful Militaries in the world.

10.  Turkey:


The man force in Turkey’s military is so much more than any country has right now. It is said to have more man force than that of the United Kingdom and France combined if counted which is its most basic strength because who would want to compete with that. The equipment count is not small by any means but considering the number of people, it is less. However, Turkey is still growing its equipment and weapons and arms so that it can become the Most Powerful Military Force in the world which will be soon enough.


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