Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World 2019


There are many factors that a country needs to have before it can even be considered in the list of Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the world and these factors are population, geographical location, economy, size, military strength, literacy rate and much more. However, only having one of this quality in bulk cannot amount them to be a powerful country rather they need to have a perfect blend of all these factors so that they can become able to have an impact on the whole world with only their name. all the countries in the world are trying to reach a point where they can rule the world and for that they need power and there are only a few countries that have become so powerful that the whole world is afraid of their name.

The Most Powerful Countries in the World are as follows:

  1. The United States
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Tokyo
  8. Israel
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. The United Arab Emirates

1.    The United States:

The United States

The United States holds the first position in the list of the Top Most Powerful Countries because it has everything from resources to money to development to a strong army and what not. It has one of the most domineering military forces in the world that everybody knows are as lethal as they are known to be. They have a very strong culture that is represented through their movies, dramas, songs, etc. Moreover, their economy is the strongest in the whole wide world because it is a completely developed country that does not rely on anyone to produce GDP.

2.    Russia:


The Soviet Union, which used to be the strength of Russia, collapsed some twenty years ago and now Russia is again slowly growing. It ahs managed to make one of the strongest army in the world and that is the biggest strength any country can imagine ever having. It has a wide range of resources and is filled with arms and weapons and are ever ready for any attack that could fall upon them.

3.    China:


China has the largest population of the world and since it is so successful, it has managed to build the strongest economy the world has and is almost at the stage where it is challenging the United States in terms of a strong economy. The influence of China in World politics is because of its relations. Due to its large population, China has built the largest army as well, because the larger the population, the more the number of people in the military. Therefore, China takes up the maximum number of people in its military to make it as strong as possible. China is also the biggest Exporter in the world and its products are available in every corner of the world.

4.    United Kingdom:

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is among the few countries that are known to hold superpower with a brilliantly skilled and trained military that makes it impossible to deny their power that it holds across the world and everybody is aware of it. The United Kingdom has a very strong political system and is a vastly developed country. It is known to have a huge collection of weapons and arms for the help of its military. It is said to have one of the Most Powerful Military.

5.    Germany:


Germany is known to have one the largest and strongest economy as compared to other countries. Same is the case for its military which is one of the best. It has a very strong trading system which is the reason for the great economy it now possesses. The people in Germany are very skilled and talented and not only in fighting wars but in doing the hard labor too, they outshine any other country in Europe.

6.    France:


France is definitely one of the Most Powerful Country of the world by any means. It has been existing for a very long time and is involved in all important historical events of the world. therefore, it is impossible to deny the influence of France on all economies and armies of the world because it knows all there is know about the world. since it became a developed country a very long time ago, it has had quite a lot of time to focus on strengthening other parts of its country including the educational systems, political and economical system.

7.    Tokyo:


Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Japan is surely a leading entity of the today’s world with its successful economy and military systems along with how it handles its politics, Japan is reaching the heights of success and becoming the strongest country in the world very fast. Japan is leading the world with technological success it has achieved that no other country has yet been able to achieve.

8.    Israel:


Israel has been the most targeted country in the world for many previous years and still is. So, most of its focus goes on devising ways to defend itself. So, there has not been much scope of advancement in any other field, but it still holds a position in the list of the Powerful Countries of the World. Israel has been a target of terrorism for many years and still, it is suffering from it.

9.    Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the most religious country of the World and Muslims from all over the world visit Saudi Arabia to perform their religious rituals which proves very good for its economy. Instead of having a political system, Saudi Arabia has a system of Kings governed by twelve ministers that are appointed to meet the needs of the State.

10. The United Arab Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates

The UAE, which comprises of seven states or emirates is the hub of tourism where people come to spend their holidays in luxury and spend their free time doing the shopping and enjoying the beautiful views and tourism spots UAE has to offer.


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