June 2, 2020

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NFL player Michael Bennett is soon going to be arrested

abcnewspoint.com-NFL player Michael Bennett is soon going to be arrested

NFL player of team Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Bennett who is the major Defensive end of the team is soon going to be arrested as his arrest warrants have been issued.

abcnewspoint.com-NFL player Michael Bennett is soon going to be arrested

The arrest warrant was issued by Harris County’s District Attorney as per reported by KAGS TV.

Michel Bennett was traded by Seattle Seahawks to Philadelphia Eagles not more than a month ago. The warrant was issued under felony charges of injuring an old handicapped person. The incident took place in Houston at Super Bowl LI.

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Bennett visited Houston on Feb 7th, 2017 to cheer for his brother, Marcellus Bennett a member of NFL team New England Patriots. Patriots won the game and fans of the team started to swarm the field. NRG Stadium Security while fending off the crowd told Bennett to use another entrance for VIPs only to field to meet his brother. While making his way through security, Michael injured a 66 years old paraplegic woman. The charges not only include fine of 10,000 dollars but also 10 years in prison.

Prosecutors told reporters that they are negotiating surrender terms with Michael’s lawyer. This is only one of the many legal incidents in the player’s life. In September 2017, Bennett was detained for ten minutes by Las Vegas Metro PD involving an Active-Shooter situation. Bennett made a statement that he was detained because of his racial profile.

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After the incident Bennett released a letter claiming that police used excessive and unbearable force and he was afraid to lose his life that day.

Bennett hired the attorney named John Burris to seek legal remedies for his self claimed Civil Rights Violation.

Police in response to this letter showed not only the video which clearly expose Bennett’s huge fabricated story but also sent letter to NFL to investigate Bennett’s false accusations. Despite the proof and in wake of Bennett’s fabricated lies, NFL and Seattle Seahawks are completely on side of Michael Bennett.

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Police reviewed the situation after watching footage of surrounding 130 cameras of the incident area and determined that police behaved properly instead Bennett was the one who was guilty.