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North Korea will have his missiles reach shores of UK in few months

North Korea will have his missiles reach shores of UK in few months

MP’s have said that they are certain that North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles will be able to reach shores of UK in time between 6 to 18 months.

North Korea will have his missiles reach shores of UK in few months

Commons Defense Select Committee presented their report saying that while the news about missiles reaching shores is true it is not known if these missiles are going to be armed by Nuclear Warheads.

MP’s from Defense Committee who were investigating this news of missiles have said that the possibility of such nuclear strikes is highly u nicely from North Korea.

They even made remarks about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un saying that he might be ruthless but is rational as well.

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He might be ruthless just like his predecessors and other communist leaders but at the same time he makes his decision rationally. He can also be persuaded to dissuade the use of nuclear missiles by presenting him with justifiable policies and demands.

Experts have made reports that North Korea has attempted six nuclear tests previous year and their ballistic missile technology is able to target whole of the USA with its targeting range.

Pyongyang released a statement that by achieving what they desired for so many years, North Korea has finally become a nuclear power.

After months of hostility, last month Mr. Kim has been seemed committed to the denuclearization as he and President Trump are soon going to meet each other for talk.

Committee of defense also claimed that the nuclear strike against UK is highly unlikely and it is only a means to threaten US. Launching such weapons of mass destruction will only result in inescapable military consequences from world. If North Korea attacks UK or US, they are both going to join hands and stand by each other to counter this problem together.

MP’s have also made reports that UK is under threat from cyber attacks from North Korea too.