Top 10 Reasons Why Stay Single Than Relationship 2019


The society puts a lot of pressure on people to commit to a relationship be it directly or indirectly. A person might see his friend in a happy relationship and feel obliged to do the same, but there is no guarantee that the person’s relationship will be just as good as his friend’s. what society doesn’t tell anyone is that for majority of the people committing to a relationship is ultimate, but it is important to live life freely and single so that people can give time to their own self as well and not rush into a relationship expecting some fantasy like relation. There are a lot of perks to staying single and many people will agree with it which is why in today’s world a lot of people decide to spend their life as a single person. There are perks in a relationship as well, but everybody sees it through their own perspective.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Stay Single Than in a Relationship are mentioned below:

  1. More Free Time
  2. Peace and Quiet
  3. Freedom to Do Everything
  4. Eat Whatever One Likes
  5. Stay up Late
  6. Spend Money freely
  7. Control of the Thermostat
  8. Keep up with the Bad Habits
  9. Keep Pets
  10. Time to start a new Hobby

1.    More Free Time:

 More Free Time

When someone is in a relationship, they have to consider the routines and plans of the other person as well which leaves very less time to have some free time for oneself. However, a single person does not have to worry about this because all their time is theirs only and they can spend it however they want. They can either sleep all day or party all night, whatever one wants is his decision only.

2.    Peace and Quiet:

Peace and Quiet

committed people are often seen complaining about having no peace and quiet in their life because their other half is always talking or too loud or too talkative, but a single person has no such problems because one person can have all the space and quiet he wants without having someone interfere all the time or feeling forced to talk to someone to fill the quiet because it is too uncomfortable otherwise.

3.    Freedom to Do Everything:

Freedom to Do Everything

Couples have to consider the feeling, likes and dislikes of each other which often leaves them feeling suffocated and constricted, but single people are the kings of their life and can do whatever they want whenever they want without having to answer to someone for their activities. This freedom can be addicting, and many people prefer being single for this reason rather than being in a relationship.

4.    Eat Whatever One Likes:

Eat Whatever One Likes

Whenever two people are eating together, there is always differences in food preferences. One might like Chinese and the other might like Mexican so one of them always has to compromise and compromising in the matter of food is very hard. This is why single people prefer to stay single because they do not have to eat food that they don’t like all the time.

5.    Stay Up Late:

Stay up Late

Some people have the habit of staying up late be it for playing games, watching movies, studying or working. People stay up well into the night for various reasons but one person in the couple might not like this and nag the other one to turn off the light and go to sleep early, but single people can even pull an all-nighter and not have to justify it to anyone.

6.    Spend Money Freely:

Spend Money freely

Freedom to spend money on one’s liking is a privilege and committed people often don’t have this privilege because the partner might advise or stop the other partner from overspending or might control the expenses. Whatever the case may be, people have to compromise in a relationship and single people don’t.

7.    Control the Thermostat:

Control of the Thermostat

Everyone has a different tendency to feel the hot and cold weather. One might be feeling too cold and might turn the temperature too hot where the other partner might feel like he is living in a volcano. Partners can never decide on what temperature to set on the thermostat and tis may cause them to fight even. However, single people can set the temperature of the thermostat to whatever they like, or they can even turn it off to save the bill, whatever they want is their own choice. This is one of the Top 10 reasons to Stay Single Forever.

8.    Keep up with the Bad Habits:

Keep up with the Bad Habits

Some people have really abd habits like keeping the room dirty or delaying laundry to the last time or being late. It can be anything. But when a person is in a relationship he has to keep these habits in check, so the partner doesn’t get offended. A single person however, does not have to care about all this and can keep up all his bad habits and no one will nag about it or get offended. This is a very big perk to staying single.

9.    Keep Pets:

keep pets

Most of the people in this world love pets but there are also some who either don’t like them or are allergic to them. one might be so unlucky to get a partner who is one of them. so, pets are out of the question. However, for single people pets are great company and are fun to keep as well.

10.  Time to Start a New Hobby:

Time to Start a New Hobby

Committed people tend to put aside their activities all because they think they do not have enough time to give to it. But, single people have a lot of free time on their hand and can start any hobby that have always been meaning to start and never got a chance to because they actually can follow up with it and make something good out of their free time.


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