Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018

Theresa May welcomes European Union for their role related to attack on a former Russia spy by Moscow

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A former Russian Spy was attacked by a nerve agent residing in London. The investigation so far has led to belief that this action was carried out by Russia.

The assessment on the fact that agent was killed by Russia was made by British Prime Minister Theresa May. European Union Leader has offered to provide help to this incident while agreeing to the assessment made by Theresa May. The support offer was made by EU leaders on Friday. May welcomes European Union for their role related to attack on a former Russia spy by Moscow

In an interview to reporters, Theresa May commented by saying

“I welcome the fact that EU leaders have take confidence in UK government’s personal assessment and even lend a hand in support related to the murder of former Russian spy in streets of Salisbury.  The assessment that attack was made by Russian government is highly likely to be true and there is no other alternate explanation for the attack”.

May also went on to tell reporters that Russia itself is a major threat that denies any respect to foreign borders and is a threat to every country’s values. She also stated that we in EU are standing together to uphold these values of various nations.

European Leaders have not only backed the UK government on this incident but has also sent their envoys to Moscow as a sign of symbolic protest.

The support offered by EU leaders to Britain’s government is now the talk of town that it is a major breakthrough for government in smoothing its relationships with EU. UK government has been trying to persuade EU leaders to condemn Russia internationally for the murders of the Russian double agent named Sergie Skripal along with his daughter on 4th march. Since World War 2, this nerve toxin attack is deemed as the first use of this toxin offensively in the world.


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