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Trump declined by two other major lawyers for his legal team

Trump declined by two other major lawyers for his legal team

In latest news regarding President Trumps’ investigation by Special Counsel Robert Muller, two other lawyers have declined Trump on invitation for his legal defense team. The news was confirmed by a Chicago based law firm on Tuesday.

Trump declined by two other major lawyers for his legal team

The Chicago based law firm is known by name of Winston & Strawn and the lawyers who refused to be part of president’s ;legal team are also from this firm. The names of these lawyers are Dan Webb and tom Buchanan. The reason for their denial was presented by their firm that “they are unable to take on this representation because of business conflicts”.

The firm also said to reporters that both attorneys claim this representation proposal from President to be of highest honor but are still apologetic to not take up this representation. They nonetheless wish president best and have also shared their belief in Presidents representation by attorneys Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow.

Since the Muller’s investigation about 2016’s campaign dealing with Russia, Trump has reached out to at least five major firms for representation. Other major lawyers who declined Trump’s invitation as his representation include former US Solicitor General Ted Olson, Attorney Emmet Flood, Robert Bennett and Bob Giuffra.

In last week’s news, John Dowd, the lead lawyer of Trump’s litigation team resigned due to disagreements. Now the famous husband and wife attorney duo, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing represent Trump as his lead lawyers.

Trump on the other hand, after being rejected by major law firms has made a statement that the news about him having difficulty in finding the proper representation is false. Trump made a tweet about it saying that

“Many of the lawyers and top firms want to be part of my legal team to represent me in Russia probe case. Do not believe the fake news that I am unable to find a lawyer”.