Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

UN dispatches envoys to negotiate political solution between warring parties of Yemen and Saudi Arabia

United Nations has dispatched its envoys to negotiate the terms for politic settlements in between warring parties of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The conflict in between these arties has left nearly 22.2 million people in a dire state that need humanitarian assistance. dispatches envoys to negotiate political solution between warring parties of Yemen and Saudi Arabia

According to World News

Farhan Haq who is UN’s Deputy Spokesperson told in an interview to reporters at the UN’s New York headquarters that special envoy named Martin Griffiths is already in Sana’a this week to meet up with Yemen parties.

Mr. Haq further told the interviewers that

“Secretary General has already made it clear that negotiation of political settlement via Intra Yemen dialogue is the only solution to end this conflict which will allow the chance for the addressing of the ongoing humanitarian needs in the region”.

The former special envoy was Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed who was brokering the talks in-between parties has stepped down from his position last week as well. He was acting for the position since 2015.

It has already been three years since the war has been started in between Saudi military and the Houthi insurgents of Sana’a when the government of Yemen asked for Saudi Arabia’s help to restore the government. This three year war with all its rage has only deepened the need of humanitarian needs in Yemen which was a poor country from the start.

UN spokesperson further added to this statement that, “as per Chief Secretary’s opinion, the escalation of military endeavors is not the solution to problem”.

A report on Monday was presented by UNICEF that stated that Thousands of children have been killed while thousands more have been injured in this war.

Yemen once had the title of “Arabia Felix” meaning the Happy Arabia but the title has since long been lost. Happiness can only be returned to Yemen when we stop this war and invest in our children and education, stated by The UNICEF’s regional director of Middle East and North Africa.

UN has been trying to help the people of Yemen since the war broke out in 2011.

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