March 29, 2020

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US Military Official confirms news of Russia providing Taliban with weapons Military Official confirms news of Russia providing Taliban with weapons

The Military general of US Army stationed of the operation in Afghanistan recently confirmed the news of Russia helping Taliban. Russia is supplying Taliban with guns. Military Official confirms news of Russia providing Taliban with weapons

This Russian intervention is bound to cause huge hindrance in 15 year old military operation in not only Afghanistan but also complicate the relationship between Kremlin and USA.

General Nicholas when interviewed by reporters confirmed the Russian help to Taliban without any dispute. General told reporter that “We are continuously receiving news for this help”.

John Mattis the Secretary of Defense in an interview told reporters that they are looking forward for any peaceful reconciliation with Taliban but the attack US suffered two days ago by Taliban militants is not a peaceful way of addressing things. One other US senior military official under the anonymity has told the interviewers about intelligence news regarding this situation. He told that Russia, in the past 18 months has increased his supply of guns and other small firearms in the region. These firearms including medium to high grade heavy machine guns are transported under the false pretense of using them against ISIS. Weapons are being reported in southern provinces of Afghanistan where there is almost little to none ISI presence.

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In other news, on Friday several dozen Taliban disguised in military uniforms infiltrated an afghan base near the Mazar-e-Sharif. Using the suicide vest and other small arms wreaked havoc in the base that led to death of 140 Afghans and 60 injured.

The assault carried on for about 6 hours and all the Taliban were killed by Afghan Tactical Commando Unit.

Taliban not only accepted the responsibility of this attack but also issued statement that it is only one the first of many attacks starting this year.

G3neral Nicholas and US Chief of Central Command General Joseph Votel are on consensus to send 3000 US troops to help the Afghan Security Forces.  Mattis in an interview told that he is still deciding as to ask or not from President Trump to send these troops.