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White House and Pentagon ban place of Transgender in US Military

Transgender Baned in US Military

On Friday a policy was issued by White House and Pentagon to restrict the place of transgender in US military.

Pentagon officials were given deadline to make this new policy till the last Friday. The policy making was undergoing months of consideration as well as court challenges. President Trump however on Friday issued the policy officially to make a ban of transgender in military unless there are some extreme cases.

Last year in August Trump sent a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to send him a memo on how to change Obama’s policy about transgender military personal who can enjoy medical benefits openly. Memo was to present changes in the previous policy.

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However Trump took that memo order back and this allowed Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security to make their own policies regarding transgender troops.

Due to this Pentagon had to revert back to early 2016 policy that restricted the transgender troops to serve under medical grounds.

Upon this act trump was highly criticized by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. She went on to call Trump a “Coward”. She said that it is only a hateful ban by one man towards our brave transgender troops that serve their country with dignity.

On this Department of justice sad the decision was made after much analysis and study.

The attorney general for the California, Xavier Becerra said, our state is going to lift this ban. California State will take every necessary step against Trump’s discrimination”.

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The policy for transgender was turned in late July of 2017, when Trump tweeted that, “Transgender people are not welcome in military anymore and the military is no longer going to take care of their medical needs”.

Pentagon officials after this tweet ensured transgender troops to be rest assured that they will not be kicked out of military unless a new policy is formed.

At the moment there are thousands of transgender troops in one million US military. According to RAND Corp’s study, the cost of medical treatment for these transgender troops has little impact on readiness of military overall.