Top 10 World’s Most Tragic Suicides 2019


Thousands of people die from suicides and the reasons vary with every person, but the main cause of suicides is some mental problem like depression or anxiety. The highest ratio of suicides is seen in teens because they are very easily affected by their surroundings as compared to people in their twenties and thirties. The major cause of suicide is depression and it is seen in all age types. It is seen that celebrities develop one or other type of mental problem or addiction that leads them towards suicides because a very high ratio of celebrity deaths is due to suicide and that too at a very early age. The more famous the celebrity, the more tragic the death is because no one is expecting it a celebrity whose career is on the rise to commit suicide. So, whenever, a famous celebrity dies of suicide it is seen as a highly tragic event and remembered for ages.

However, some of the suicides are the most devastating of all and the Top 10 World’s Most Tragic Suicides are mentioned below:

  1. Alexander McQueen
  2. Chris Benoit
  3. Jovan Belcher
  4. Tony Scott
  5. Elliot Smith
  6. Sylvia Plath
  7. Ernest Hemmingway
  8. David Foster Wallace
  9. Kurt Cobain
  10. Marilyn Monroe

1.    Alexander McQueen:

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was a very famous designer who was based in Britain and had opened his brand with a partner named Isabella Blow. Their brand was most preferred by celebrities for formal events because of the beautiful quality of their gowns. Alexander McQueen received many awards for the fabulous designs of their gowns and was on the rise of his career but one day in 2010, he was found dead in his London flat and it was reportedly said that he had committed suicide by hanging himself two years after his partner Isabella Blow committed suicide herself. This is by far the Most Tragic Suicide in the World.

2.    Chris Benoit:

Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit was a wrestler and a very famous one at that. In 2007, Benoit murdered his 7-year old kid and wife and then went on to hang himself. His son and wife were found dead by suffocation and Bibles were placed near them. It was reportedly said that Benoit had suffered from very severe damage to his brain which had been the reason for his psychotic behavior. He had taken many blows to his head in his long wrestling career.

3.    Jovan Belcher:

 Jovan Belcher

Much like Chris Benoit, Jovan Belcher also killed his daughter’s mother and then killed himself by putting the gun to his forehead. He shot her nine-time before kissing her forehead. This clearly shows signs of being a psychopath. The last time Belcher was seen with his team’s coach and his behavior is reported as frantic and disturbed. Even though the linebacker killed the mother, he spared his daughter who as only three-month old at that time.

4.    Tony Scott:

Tony Scott

Tony Scott was a very well-known director of Hollywood and had made quite a few famous movies in his career like Man on Fire, Top Gun and Enemy of the State. At the age of sixty-eight, Tony Scott killed himself by jumping off a bridge in California in 2012. His death was declared as a suicide because it was found that he had a heavy dose of drugs in his body and had written a note to his family which was found in his car.

5.    Elliott Smith:

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith had a strange personality and was very open in telling everyone about his suicidal and depressing thoughts. It is said by his family and friends that he was always talking about suicide. His songs were also famous for their melancholic themes. His songs were often talking about something sad which is why they were so famous. The day he put a knife to his heart, he had a fight with his girlfriend.

6.    Sylvia Plath:


Sylvia Plath is considered as one of the classic American authors. Her poetry is famous for its disturbing topics and the ghastly image she presented in her poems. Plath killed herself by putting her head in the oven. The topics of her writings her mostly the unsettled problems with her ex-husband and father. She committed suicide in 1963 and her death is on of the World’s Most Tragic Suicides among Celebrities.

7.    Ernest Hemmingway:

Ernest Hemingway

Hemmingway is the greatest author of all times and people still read his books. He wrote many classic books and travelled his whole life. He was found dead in his home by his daughter. It was reported that he died of a gunshot wound. This death was very shocking because he was quite old when he committed suicide, and no one expected it.

8.    David Foster Wallace:

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace was a great author and a journalist. He was described as a genius by critics. He wrote many great academic books as well as comical stories. However, he was a patient of severe depression and anxiety which he tried to overcome with brutal medications and treatments. In 2008, he hung himself. His death was a very big loss for the literary society.

9.    Kurt Cobain:


Kurt Cobain was the guitarist and singer in the famous band called Nirvana. He gained popularity in the 1990’s. The band was only starting to gain stardom at that time and no one can tell how much more popularity it would have gained if Cobain would not have committed suicide. It is said that Cobain was suffering from depression. He died of a gunshot wound and overdose of heroine. He was 27 years old when he died.

10.  Marilyn Monroe:


Marilyn Monroe was the sweetheart of Hollywood at her time. She was beautiful, smart, sexy and talented all in one. However, she suffered from high depression and killed herself by overdosing on sleeping pills. She was 36 when she died and her death was a great shock to America because her career was at its peak when she died.


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