Privacy Policy

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Abcnewspoint privacy policy is designed to provide transparency into our privacy practices and principles, in a layout that our guests can navigate, read and value. We are keen to treating your personal information with care and respect to make it private.

As a volunteer when you make a comment only your name has been approached by our server but using Facebook if you comment on any news the public information of your Facebook account has been received via Google partner, as a partner Google may use the information you provided.

In a contact us section, your name, email and password information gathered when you want to give us feedback or submit a post.

By click on Advertisement the information of your name has been taken by our Advertisement partner but with your willingness, clicking on ads of Google receive only your IP address nothing more but if you submit any information on the advertisement website with your consent then it’s your choice.

Advertiser privacy policy may differ so to acquire a descriptive policy you have to visit the websites being advertised and know about its policy regarding information you provide to access desired page.