Published On: Sun, Oct 4th,

Avatar 2 Movie Na’vi Artwork Revealed Fake, Michelle Rodriguez No Longer Reprising Her Role

A glimpse of Na’vi artwork from Avatar 2 posted on social blogging site twitter revealed fake, the artwork was reportedly released by its producer which has been described as fake now.

Makers of Avatar 2 has confirmed that artwork of Avatar 2 lead character Na’vi which has been released on twitter account of producer Jon Landau, stated as fake because the account handler was not producer himself but the third person who also made some revelation far from reality before.

It has been reported that someone posted Na’vi artwork of Avatar 2 from social blogging account of producer Jon Landau who described him as fake because Michelle Rodriguez is no longer appearing in the coming sequel of Avatar while the artwork showed her character for the film.

According to hollywood news third person was using the account of producer Jon Landau who also made some irrelevant news earlier, the twitter account was suspended now while makers and actress confirmed that the artwork was far from fact.

The sequel of most popular sci-fi epic is in development since and fans are waiting for movie and any update about the coming venture, the leaked artwork delighted them but disappointed the followers when the twitter account was described as fake and bogus.

Fast & Furious lead actress Michelle Rodriguez also revealed that she will not be featured in the sequel of upcoming venture of Avatar that saw her playing the character of Na’vi.

Michelle Rodriguez has denied all rumors about her appearance in the sequel to reprise her role in the film as Trudy Chacon stated that maker didn’t approach her for the character, though, several cast and crew is returning to their roles in the movie.

The most anticipated venture 20th Century Fox’s Avatar 2 is scheduled to be released in December while the sequels Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 are lined up for release in 2018 and 2019.