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Top Home Remedies To Fight Against Blepharitis ( An Eyelid Inflammation )

Eyelashes contain follicles and it has oil glands. These type of glands get irritated and clogged because of some infection which causes inflammation. This is called as eyelid inflammation and blepharitis.
Two types of eyelid inflammation are here which are called
1. Posterior
2. Anterior
Talking about posterior eyelid, the inflammation in it causes in the inner side of the eyes and anterior eye inflammation occurs at the outside of eyes.
It is still not possible to know the cause of blepharitis and there are few factors which enhances the factors of risk. Some of the factors of blepharitis include eyebrows or scalp dandruff, oil glands malfunctioning, infectious bacteria, medication side effects, eye makeup allergies and lice on eyelash.
Blepharitis causes discomfort and also affects the vision. Some are the symptoms and signs including watery eyes, red eyes, oily eyelids, burning sensation of eyes, swollen eyelids and itchiness in eyelids. It increases the sensitivity to light and sensation of nagging which causes something to be in eyes.

“The loss of eyelash causes complication in blepharitis”

It leads blepharitis untreated and causes a serious infection in eyes. It is important for you to consult a doctor on immediate basis and a thorough examination of eye is really much important for you to rule the infection because of bacteria present in it and also some viruses and fungus.
If you have minor symptoms of blepharitis then you can use simple homemade remedies.
Some of the top home remedies are as follows:

1) Maintain Eyelid Hygiene

It is important to have good hygiene to treat the inflammation of eyelid. This problem occurs on continuous basis and with the practice of eyelid hygiene and good skin; you can protect your eyelid from such occurrences.
According to the study of 2012 which was published in “Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews” states that
”Having good hygiene can prove good to have symptoms which may give you relief at posterior and anterior blepharitis”
It is good to clean your eyelids with warm water and a cleansing solution is good to be used which is prescribed by the family consultant or doctor. It can protect you from lashes formation and it can also protect you from having scaly patches on eyelids and oil residue. It is also important to wash you eyebrows, scalp and hair with the antibacterial shampoo.

2) Warm Compresses

Warm compresses are good for the blepharitis and it loosens the scales and creates debris in the surrounding of your eyelashes. They help in diluting the secretions come out from these oil glands. Also, it decreases the risk of enlarged lump.
The heat from these warm compresses improves the circulation of blood and has good healing power.
1. Take a wash cloth and dip it in warm water.
2. Cling it out and place it on the closed eyelid and give it on rest for few minutes.
3. Repeat this procedure for about 3 to 4 times and let it cool down.
4. Re wet the clothes when it cools down.
5. Repeat this remedy for many times to improve your condition and keep applying it until you become good.
It can create infection in both of your eyes and separate clothes should be used for each one of the eyes.

3) Scrub Your Eyelids

Your eyelids are required to be scrubbed to avoid accumulation of the oil residue and the patches present in scaly form on the eyelids. Also, it can protect you from the crust development which delays your healing process.

1. Take a baby shampoo bottle and mix it with water.
2.Dip a ball of cotton in it and make a solution.
3.Use scrub to the eyelashes for some time and then wash your eyes with water and free yourself from residue.
4.Use a soft towel to pat.
5.Repeat this procedure for about 3 to 4 times in a day.

4) Tea Tree Oil

Blepharitis is caused by treating tea tree oil and it helps in the main cause and releases the symptoms like itching and inflammation.
According to the study of 2012 which was published in “Journal of Korean Medical Science”states that

“Tea tree oil can treat blepharitis which occurs due to demodex”

This oil proves to be an effective ingredient for ocular demodex elimination and improves the subjection of ocular symptoms.
1. Take at least 3 drops of tea tree oil and mix it with olive oil and coconut oil.
2. Dip this cotton ball in the solution.
3. Close your eyes and wipe it with cotton swab.
4. Remain with closed eyes for few minutes and repeat this procedure for about twice until you feel relax.

5) Castor Oil

Castor Oil is good to be used for home remedies. There is an ricin oleic acid present in the oil which works an agent of anti – inflammatory. It is helpful in relieving pain linked to your condition, burning, and irritation and itching.
1. Wash your eyelashes and eyelids with warm water.
2. Then apply the warm compress on the eyelids and keep it aside for at least 5 minutes.
3. Then use a cotton ball and apply this castor oil over it and the lashes as well before you leave for bed and protect          yourself from the crust formation.
4. With the very next morning, wash your eyes completely.
5. Repeat this procedure every day for some days.

Point To Be Noted
Try to use hexane castor oil, organic and pure one.

6) Omega – 3 Fatty Acids

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Omega – 3 Fatty Acids are helpful in the easiness of symptoms like blepharitis and at the time when they are linked with ocular rosacea.
These types of fatty acids help in the proper functioning of Meibomian glands and are good for the lubrication of eyelid comfort and eyes.
According to the study of 2013 which was published in the “International Journal Of Ophthalmology”states that
“Omega – 3 fatty acids show a positive role in the dry eye syndrome and about its condition as well like Meibomian gland disease and blepharitis”
While talking about the role of omega fatty acids in the secretion and production of tear requires evaluation further.
1. Intake the foods which have rich amount of fatty acids like walnuts, flaxseeds, tuna, salmon and trout.
2. Supplements can also be taken in correct dose and you always need to talk to your doctor about the issues you face.

7) Coconut Oil

There is a simple treatment which is to be done at home and it is known as coconut oil. It has anti – inflammatory properties and also the nutrients which help in the reduction of inflammation, pain and itching and also it restore the health of eye.
1. Take a cotton ball and soak it in coconut oil.
2. Put this near the inflamed eyelid for about 20 minutes.
3. Repeat this remedy after every interval for the whole day.

Oil can be applied on the eye before lying on bed and wash it in the morning. If coconut oil is not sufficient to be applied on eyes then use olive oil for your eyes.

8) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a good ingredient for the inflammation of eyelid and it is important to keep the moisturized eyelid to protect it from the flakes and crust formation. This property of moisturizing becomes helpful for you in this regard.
Also, it has anti – inflammatory properties which minimizes the inflammation, swelling and redness. It is also effective to fight against infection.
1. Take a aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel from it.
2. Apply it on the eyelid and rub firmly.
3. Allow yourself to sit idle for few minutes.
4. Wash your face with warm water and repeat this procedure for about 3 to 4 times on daily basis.

Point To Be Noted

Take aloe Vera gel in fresh form and the counter lotions which claim to contain aloe Vera gel are forbidden to be used.

9) Petroleum Jelly

Blepharitis is caused with the hair lice, eyelashes and eyebrows. Petroleum jelly can be used to avoid this. Also you can take treatments to tackle with this lice issue. Petroleum jelly is best and no other treatment can help you in this way.
This petroleum jelly gives you a stifling effect and also roams on lice which suffocates and cause you death.
1.  Along with your fingers that are clean, apply this mixture on the eyebrows and eyelashes. This pure petroleum             jelly  is good for your eyelids.
2. Close your eyes for about 20 to 30 minutes.
3. Wash your eyes with warm water.
4.  Repeat the remedy for about at least once in a week and protect you from occurrence of lice.

10) Indian Lilac

It is important to control your dandruff to treat the inflammation of eyelid. It is in fact the dandruff which is applied on the eyelashes and scalp which is also one of the factors among leading one and it arises in the problem of uncomfortable eye.
Indian Lilac is called Neem as well and is good to avoid yourself from dandruff. It contains anti – bacterial and antifungal properties to treat the dandruff.
It protects you from itchiness on scalp and as soon as the problem of dandruff is resolved then the inflammation of eyelid heals very fast.
1. Take a handful of neem and put it in a cup of water.
2. Cool down this solution and strain it.
3. Wash your hair with this solution for about 3 to 4 times in a week and avoid dandruff from your          hairs.

Additional Tips

1. Take hot bath under shower and close your eyes for at least 5 minutes and treat your blepharitis.
2. Place green or black tea bags on the closed eyelids which reduce the inflammation and pain.
3. Place these potatoes on the eyelids that are inflamed to minimize the swelling and itching and pain as well.
4. Because of the presence of anti – bacterial properties in it, few people apply this honey a few times for 3 days at            least to see that the infection may not get worse. It is safe somehow to apply Manuka honey on the areas around          eyes.
5. Dirty hands should not be used on the eyes.
6. Do not rub these itchy eyelids and do not think of how hard they are. By rubbing it more, an existing infection can       become worse.
7.  Do not use eye makeup unless you heal your eyes completely and your condition may become worse with it.
8. Stick to the counter lubricating drops of eyes to make your eyes relieved from pain.
Follow the steps to avoid dandruff and control your healing process.
At few times, take the medicines that are antibiotic and are required for the eye problem treatment.


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