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Top 10 List of Most Richest Countries in Asia

The best way to determine that which country is richest and wealthiest among others is that to compare the GDP per capita which is the total value of products and services produced by a country in a specified period of time to run its economy.

GDP per capita truly depict the economic situation of any country in the world and one can predicts the living standard, quality of life, development and growth by analyzing these values. The discussion is about to list the top richest Asian countries and when it comes to Asia there are several countries which are considered as highly developed countries including several oil producing and minerals rich nations.

Here we have made a list of top richest countries with respect to its nominal per capita calculated by International Monetary Fund (IMF) organizations.

10: Taiwan
The sovereign state in East Asia Taiwan is one of most densely populated countries inhabited to more than 23 million people in an area of 13,974 sq mi. The country has seen a rapid growth and economic development in 20th century and became the advanced industrial economy in the world with net GDP per capita of $21,571 for which it has been added in the list of richest countries of Asia. One of the Four Asian Tigers Taiwan provides high quality of life to its people in every sector including public education, economic freedom and human development.

9: Japan
Located in the Pacific Ocean the island nation is another Asian country which enlist in top richest countries in Asia because of its nominal GDP per capita which is about $33,223. World’s tenth largest is home to nearly 126 million people and more than 98% are Japanese which shows that there is very low diversity with respect to people. Japan is considered as technologically advanced nation with highly developed economy all around the globe which provides highest living standards and life expectancy to its citizens.

8: Bahrain
Located near the western shores of Persian Gulf Bahrain is an island country has first post-oil economy in the Persian Gulf and ranked among the top positions at Human Development Index. Bahrain’s most exported product is petroleum which comprised seventy percent of government total revenues and considered as back bone of country economy. Bahrain covers total area of 295.37 sq mi and home to 1.2 million population approximately while the GDP per capita of the country has $34,584 making it one of richest country in Asian region.

7: Israel
The Western Asia country Israel has situated at the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea who describes itself as a Jewish and Democratic State. Israel has nominal per capita of $38,004 becoming one of riches country in Asia which offers highly quality of life and has highest living standards in Middle East. The most advance country of Southwest Asia and Middle East has high technology boom and rapid economic development contrary to other neighboring countries for which it was ranked among most economically developed nations.

6: Brunei
The sovereign state of Brunei is located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia which has second-highest Human Development Index in the list South East Asia countries. The nominal per capita of Brunei is around $39,355 for which it has been added in the list of top richest nation in Asian region and world as well. The economy of Brunei run on extensive petroleum and natural gas fields and it collected massive sum for exporting these products.

5: Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China which situated on the southern coast of China at the Pearl River Estuary. The country is one of China’s and World’s densely populated regions home to more than 72 million people approximately covering the area of 426 sq mi. Hong Kong is home to three most important financial centers while the economy of the country also considered as most developed in the world especially in Asian region having net GPD per capita of $42,437 for which it ranked among the wealthiest countries in Asia.

4: Kuwait
Kuwait is a western Asian country which placed at Situ northern edge of Eastern Arabia bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The constitutional emirate has parliamentary system which economy purely stands on petroleum-based products and ranked among the high income economy all over the world. The country is enrolled in top wealthiest nation having GDP per capita of $43,103 with world’s highest-valued currency unit Kuwaiti dinar. A huge portion of its earning came from Petroleum accounts estimated up to 94% total revenues.

3: Singapore
The island country in Southeast Asia Singapore is one of the major commercial hubs in the world having largest financial centre and busiest ports in the world. The standard of living is quiet higher in the country for which it has among internationally ranked countries including other sectors like education, health, economy, life expectancy and growth. The only Asian country having top AAA rating has highest GDP per capita of 56,319 becoming the wealthiest nation of the Asia and stand among the most globalised countries in the world.

2: Macau
The special administrative region People’s Republic of China Macau is another richest and developed country in Asia and all over the world with total GDP per capita of $91,376. The largest gambling centre in the world Macau’s economy solely depends on the gambling, tourism and manufacturing and administration doing a lot to expand these sectors. Human Development Index has ranked it among top fifteen countries all around earth while according to The World Factbook it grabbed the second position for highest life expectancy in the world.

1: Qatar
Located in Southwest Asia the sovereign state of Qatar is the world’s richest country and wealthiest country in Asia with net GDP per capita of $102,785 and purchase power parity of $145,894 approximately. It home to more than 21 million people including large number of expatriates covering the area of 4,467.6 sq mi. The highly advanced country has massively developed economy because of world’s third largest natural gas and oil reserves and considered as influential state in the Arab world.

  • Loren Master (Ecclesiastes)

    Where is South Korea. it tops Taiwan by far and is projected to surpass even Japan in next 5 years.

    • Ianthekorean2002

      It already has in terms of innovation, research, income, quality of life, and education.

  • 曾撸力

    Where are S.Korea and China? China is second-largest economy in the world, it deserves a place on this list. And for the record, these is not a country named Taiwan, its official name is Republic of China(ROC); Hong Kong is not a country or state, it’s a Special Administrative Region belonged to People’s Republic of China(PRC)

    • Mario Yang

      I bet you scored 250 on SAT critical reading,And I am shame of having fellowship with someone who lacks basic economy knowledge,worst of them all being fucking fascist.

  • Susan

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  • Isa Awachi

    Is this calculated using Nominal GDP per capita? All the sources Ive checked showed Bahrain to have no more than 24,000 USD per capita… and there is a slight error with the population of Qatar they have a population of 2.1 million people, not 21 million


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