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Plane crash victim’s remains to be sent to Islamabad:


The leftovers of 47 crew and passengers whose lives was taken when a commuter of PIA crashed in country’s north are being transported to Islamabad for recognition, a hospital spokesperson and airline stated on Thursday.

Daniyal Gilani, a spokesperson for PIA, verified that 42 travelers and 5 members of crew died in crash on Wednesday.

Junaid Sarwar, a spokesperson at hospital in Abbottabad city, stated only 5 bodies are identified as remnants of remaining were blazed in a way that National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) may perhaps not recognize them.

“We are transporting body parts to Islamabad of every passenger intended for DNA tests,” he stated.

PIA states the airplane mislaid contact with control tower earlier than the crash.

The passengers comprised Junaid Jamshed, a well-known singer who had turned out to be a preacher of Islam, in accordance with PIA.

“There are zero survivors. All crew members and passengers are deceased,” Azam Sehgal, chairman of PIA said in a news meeting at airport of Islamabad at night time of Wednesday. He stated the black box recorder of the plane had been located.

Sehgal stated the plane’s pilot said to control tower that engine is having a technical fault. Few moments later he established a “mayday call” a while earlier than the plane vanished.

Sehgal stated it was uncertain what sourced the crash.

TV video recording at the location of crash showed wreckage from plane. The footage demonstrated villagers gathering the leftovers of passengers and covering bodies.

A rescue worker named Altaf Hussain, who carried the remnants of passengers in ambulance, said to AP that site of crash stinking with burned oil and flesh, and that parts of bodies were everywhere.

“We gathered burned bones and placed in cloth,” he stated.

Duray Hussain, driver of ambulance stated the remnants were “beyond identification.”




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