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Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in the World

Expensive Cigarette Brands

When we talk about expensive cigarette brands in the world the purpose of discussing these expensive cigarette brands isn’t to promote smoking habits or any other such thing to our visitors but only to tell them about it to enhance their knowledge and information about expensive things exist around globe. The smokers know well the quality and cost comparison and choose the best cigarette brand for them but they may also unaware about these expensive brands that even not available in their country.

The cost of cigarette brands purely depends on two things; one is the production cost and second is it advertisement and commercialization all around the globe. There are number of tobacco companies offering various brands with respect to quality, taste and price, here we have made a list of top most expensive cigarette brands in the world for you which is given below:

10: Marlboro

The largest selling brand of cigarettes Marlboro has been produced by Philip Morris USA in the United States and Philip Morris International in all over the world. It is one of popular and expensive cigarette brands having three divisions of its products including flavor line, gold line and fresh line in which different products have been offered while it has dozens of varieties in the United States. Marlboro is known for its sponsorship of motor racing and billboard advertisement which is considered as very impressive source of commercialization in western countries.

9: Camel

American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco manufactured Camel is another most expensive cigarette brand in the world which current cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish tobacco and Virginia tobacco making it very distinctive in taste. R.J. Reynolds first developed the cigarette in 1913 which is more appealing than past products and considered as most popular brand of company in the world at that time. The verities of Camel cigarette include Camel Filters, Camel Filters Wides, Camel Menthol, Camel Menthol Silver, Kamel Red and Kamel Red Smooth Taste among several others.

8: Parliament

Introduced in 1931 Parliament is a brand of cigarettes that is distinctive for its recessed paper filters having strong market in various countries like Georgia, Japan, Armenia, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and United States among various others. Parliament stand among the most expensive and popular brands all around the world and utilizes recessed filter as competitive edge for advertisements. Marketed by Philip Morris Parliament cigarettes are one of few brands of cigarettes in the international market which features a recessed paper filter that truly enhance the taste and flavor of smoking.

7: Davidoff

The Swiss luxury tobacco goods brand Davidoff carries a wide range of tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos and pipe tobaccos while cigarette brand is currently owned by Imperial Tobacco. Its cigarette range contains Magnum, Classic, Mild, Slims, Ultra lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights, One and Gold making it one of renowned brands in the world. Davidoff several varieties are very exclusive and highly prices for which it has been added in the list of most expensive cigarette brands all around the globe.

6: Dunhill

Produced by British American Tobacco Company Dunhill cigarettes are among the luxury and expensive brand of cigarettes because of its quality and cost. Dunhill has also a more expensive version produced by BAT which are sold mostly in European, Asian-Pacific, and Canadian markets while it other products are exported in almost every region of the world. Owned and operated by Reynolds American Dunhill International cigarettes have various verities in which some of country and region specific to fully satisfy the customers.

5: Lucky Strike

Owned by the British American Tobacco groups Lucky Strike is one of top selling cigarette brand in United States in 1930s while still it has positioned among top most expensive cigarette brand across the globe. Lucky Strike is one of brands which have been promoted through various media including fine art, television, films and even it became the part of United States culture. Introduced in 1871 Lucky Strike is one of top leading brand which offers fine taste and perfect flavor to smokers becoming the renowned brand.

4: Pall Mall

Produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Pall Mall is another famous brand from the company after Camel which has been introduced in 1899. Pall Mall is now Reynolds most popular cigarette which it enrolled in the list of most expensive cigarette brands in the world because of having some exclusive products. It has been described as American-style Pall Mall cigarettes named as premium brand from the British American Tobacco for which it gained popularity in various regions.

3: Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges is an English cigarette brand which has owned by several corporations with respect to its region including Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco. Richard Benson and William Hedges have founded the brand in Canada in 1873 which has been still considered as one of most expensive and sold cigarette brand all around the world. The taste, quality, packaging and style of Benson & Hedges differ from region to region and its preference is only to fulfill actually customers want from them.

2: Gold Flake

Owned and produced by ITC Limited Gold Flake is one of popular and most sold cigarette brand in India which is among the top expensive cigarette brands in the world because of its high prices. One of finest Virginian cigarettes brand is available in various variants such as Gold Flake Kings Gold Flake Kings Lights, Gold Flake and Gold Flake Lights. Gold Flake had been traditionally positioned as a premium cigarette in India and was meant to be a cigarette for the elite and the rich or for the gracious people.

1: Insignia

Manufactured by ITC Ltd, which sells over 80 percent of cigarettes in India, Insignia is the most expensive cigarette brand in the world because of its costly variants. ITC has introduced new variants like Wills Lights, India Kings Lights and Gold Flakes Cool Mist in addition to introducing innovations in style and packaging of its products. With its most expensive brand Insignia ITC Ltd has successfully attracted large portion of customers through its premium variant in India which is still on top in market.

  • Username

    What? Pall Malls are extremely under-priced. I don’t know where you buy your cigarettes, but they are so inexpensive, it’s laughable. Also, Marlboro, Camel, and Parliament cigarettes are just above (or under) reasonable pricing. Not too expensive in the slightest, but definitely not great, financially, for one with a pack-a-day habit.

    Also, I researched the price of these so-called “Gold Flake” cigarettes. Apparently targeted towards the “elite, rich, and gracious people” of India. I researched the price of them (which actually had their price hiked up quite a bit in India) and they sell for around 250 rupees. That’s a little over $3 USD. That’s abysmally under-priced. Absurdly under-priced. Actually, I could buy 4 packs of Gold Flake for the same cost as a single pack of Marlboro Reds here in the U.S.

    This list is thoroughly disappointing.

    • Fnt3ep

      When you’ll be smoking Davidoff – check where it is produced. If it’s bought on the stateline – you’ll get a pack directly from Ukraine. Here their price (same for LS) is lesser than Marlboro ~90c. Dunhill and Parliament cost more, but still it’s around a buck for a pack.

      The most expensive cigarettes you may find in Ukraine are those cherry and chokolate flavored brands from Russia – Captaine Black etc. Their price is usually at $3-4 per pack. Still, pretty cheap for US.

  • Bob Sounder

    A pack og Marlboros cost at $5.50 in Va

    • Fnt3ep

      And a buck in Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • boocat

    Where can I buy the red Dunhills online? I am in Oregon.


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