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North Korea declines sanctions of UN, promises strong countermeasures.


North Korea states an extensive fresh round of sanctions of U.N. marked at finishing its nuclear program by stopping a quarter of the foreign trade income of theirs is a “cruelty of power” and will be taken care with harsh countermeasures.
Han Song Ryol, Vice Foreign Minister called a meeting of foreign ambassadors in capital early on Friday to explain his opposition of country to the permissions, which are most difficult up till now and contains the China support, main trading partner of North Korea.
“We firmly discard the U.N. Security Council decree on sanctions in opposition to our nation,” Han stated. “The acceptance of the decree is one more open refutation of right of our country to self-defense, which goes further than the consent of U.N. Security Council; this is a mistreatment of power and a breach upon the independence of our nation.”
Foreign Ministry of North Korea, in a report issued afterward the authorization in reply to North’s nuclear experiment in September were proclaimed, cautioned of hard countermeasures, but did not state what they could be.
“Sanctions will unavoidably shoot up tensions,” the ministry stated in the report, which was referenced by state-directed News Agency.
Han stated North Korea was being unjustly pulled out by its political oppositions.
“If a nuclear experiment is such a serious matter, why has U.N. Security Council never forced sanctions on the main powers that have executed a lot of nuclear tests and how can anybody comprehend these sanctions,” he stated.
The Security Council applied sanctions by voting on Wednesday subsequent to months of political wrangling upon how to react to September examination, the North’s 5th and main.
The latest sanctions seek to cut about one-quarter of North’s whole export profits.
They objective its hard currency profits by introducing a cap on exports of coal, slashing them by as a minimum 62 % or by an anticipated $800 million.


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