Published On: Thu, Dec 1st,

Putin and Erdogan talk about condition in Aleppo


Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey talked on the subject of the condition in Aleppo, the city of Syria in the midst of his Russia equivalent in the 3rd phone call in between the 2 leaders in just only 7 days.

In accordance with a Turkey’s news agency the 2 presidents decided to amplify hard work to take humanitarian help to the besieged civilians en-trapped inside the city, where Russian-supported Syrian government armed forces have been creating most important progress into the rebel-seized east of the city in excess of the previous week. Approximately 50,000 citizens have been dislocated in current days.

Both Putin and Erdogan in addition supposedly highlighted the significance of stabilizing ties in between them, relations which were roughly strained more than a year before when Turkey gun down a bomber of Russia on top of its border by Syria. There was later on a thaw among them at the time when Erdogan said sorry for the occurrence in the summer.

On the 1st anniversary of that event 4 soldiers of Turkey lost their life in a supposed air strike in Syria previous Thursday. This provoked Erdogan to get in touch with Putin two times to talk about the subject. The leader of Russia has guaranteed Turkey that Russia was not at the back of the strike.

The Russians on Wednesday claimed a justification from Ankara on remarks created by Erdogan on the day before, when he asserted that Euphrates Shield operation of Turkey in opposition to IS and Kurdish armed forces close to northwestern border of Syria with Turkey was in actual fact about taking out Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria.

“We got in there [Syria] to finish the regime of the dictator Bashar al-Assad who frightens by means of state terror,” the president of Turkey stated.




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Putin and Erdogan talk about condition in Aleppo

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