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Plane carrying soccer team of Brazil and others crashed.


A chartered airplane with 81 people aboard, comprising a Brazilian 1st division soccer squad going to Colombia for a final of regional tournament, crashed on Monday while going to international airport of Medellin.

Authorities of Aviation stated there was news of as a minimum 6 survivors.

“It is a tragedy of enormous proportions,” Federico Gutierrez, Mayor of Medellin said to a Radio enroute to the site of crash in a hilly area outside of the city.

Aviation authorities stated the airplane, an Aerospace 146 short-haul plane of British controlled by a charter airline of Bolivia called Lamia, confirmed an urgent situation at 10 at the night of local time on Monday due to an electrical breakdown.

Rescuers and authorities were straight away made active, but a helicopter of air force had to return on account of little visibility.

The airplane, which performed a stay in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, was carrying the 1st division Chapecoense soccer squad from Brazil southern region. The team was planned to play on Wednesday in the initial of a 2-game final of Copa Sudamericana in opposition to Medellin’s Atletico Nacional.

The soccer federation of South America has called off all actions until additional notice consequently of the incident.

The “CONMEBOL” federation stated in a report that Alejandro Dominguez, its president, was enroute to Medellin.

The plane was transporting 72 travelers and 9 members of soccer crew, authorities of aviation stated in a report. Local radio stated the similar aircraft carried national squad of Argentina for a match previously going month in Brazil.

A video issued on the Facebook page of the team demonstrated the team preparing for flight previously Monday in Guarulhos international airport of Sao Paulo.

The squad, from the Chapeco, a small city, united first division of Brazil in for the initial time since 1970s and succeeded to the finals of Copa Sudamericana previous week by beating legendary San Lorenzo team of Argentina.


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