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Top 10 Unsettling Aviation Mysteries

1. Disappearance of the Panair Do Brasil

One of the greatest mystery of the world; A plane which departs from the Rio de Janeiro to land in the Cuban capital Havana and it become disappeared just after it take-off. The mysterious disappearance was reported and the case was closed after the authorities failed to find the airliner. The mystifying disappearance rocked the whole world again as the plane landed after 47 years in December 1993 at the airport of Bogota, Colombia. In the place 36 human skeletons, warm cup of coffees, old brands, lit cigarettes and the newspaper of dated 21 September 1946 and whose ink is smelled as the newspaper had been printed a day before.
The case of this plane ranked as the greatest mysteries in the history of aviation because no one can explain how the plane become disappear in the air in 1946 and it was landed in 1993 with a perfect landing and running on the runway which only carries the skeletons.

2. DB Cooper Aviation Mysteries

DB Cooper is the unidentified men who hijack the airplane Boeing 727 in the airspace between the Oregon, Portland and Seattle, Washington on 24 November 1971. He extorted the US $ 200,000 and parachuted to an uncertain destiny. In spite of the widespread manhunt and FBI investigation the executor was never been identified or positively located. This case remains unsolved and the only case which is remains unsolved in the history of American aviation.
The suspected person bought the airline ticket with the name of Dan Cooper but because of the miscommunication in the news media he is known as DB Cooper. Many attempts have been made to pursue the case but no conclusive evidence had been gather regarding the identity of the suspected person. Some numerous theories widely been spread by the reporters, experts and the amateur enthusiasts but no one able to conclude it as someone says the Cooper did not survive more after the risky jump.

3. Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was the American author and aviation pioneer. She was the first female aviator to fly the solo all across the Atlantic Ocean. She set several records as she receives the US Distinguished Flying Cross and she wrote the bestselling books of her flying experience with the instrumental information for “The Ninety Nines” which is the female pilot’s organization.
During an attempt she made to make a circumnavigational flight over the globe in 1937 the Lockheed Electra airplane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean with the Amelia and her guide Noonan on board. After spreading the news of disappearance the US Navy and the Coast guard launches the greatest air and sea search in the history of United States. Unfortunately their efforts failed and they came back with the empty hands without getting any clue where the aircraft had gone.

4. Mystery of STENDEC

Star Dust was the British South American Airways of the Avro Lancastrian aircraft which becomes crashed with the Mount Tupungato on August 2, 1947 at the Argentine Andes during the flight which takes off from Buenos Aires to land at Santiago, Chile. An inclusive search is been made on the wide area to know exactly what happen with the crash site, but all were fruitless and the fate of the airplane and it occupants are still remain unknown for more than 50 years.
In 2000 investigation the G-AGWH has founded to determine the crash was actually caused by the factor of weather distortion. In 1990s the pieces of the wreckage of the missing aircraft starts to emerge from the glacial ice. The experts assumed that the crew becomes confused to fly on the exact location while flying at the highest altitude. An amateur radio operator who claimed that to receive the faint SOS signal which initially raised the hopes as there are some survivors but all the attempts to find the vanished flight becomes failed.

5. TWA Flight 800

The Boeing 747-100 aircraft of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 was exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on 17th July 1996 near the East Moriches, New York after the twelve minutes takeoff from the Kennedy International Airport on the schedule passenger flight. All 230 passenger including the pilot and staff were killed and it was the third deadliest aviation accident in the territory of United States.
The investigators from the National Transportation of Safety Board traveled to the place and arriving at the next morning on the location and they initially speculated that it was the terrorist attack which cause the plane crash. Consequently the FBI initiated a parallel criminal investigation and after 6 months of the accident the FBI announces that there is no any single evidence the FBI found that it was a criminal act and the case was closed.

6. 2003 Boeing 727-323 Disappearance

A Boeing airplane 727-323 registered with the N844AA was stolen from the Quatro de Fevereiro Airport Angola on 25th of May in 2003. The airplane disappearance prompted the search in all over the world by the CIA and FBI. Just before the sunset on the 25th May two men are boarded into the plane, one is the Ben Charles Padilla who is the American pilot and flight engineer and the second man is the John Mikel who was the mechanic from the Republic of the Congo.
The aircraft start taxiing without conforming and communication with the control tower. The plane maneuvered erratically and entered on the runway without getting the clearance. The person on the control tower attempt to make connect with the plane but there was no response from the aircraft; as it tracking transponder was switched off, the lights becomes off, the aircraft took off and heading toward the southwest over the Atlantic Ocean. Since that neither the plane nor the two persons have been seen. Several theories exist about what actually happened with het plane; some reports suggest that there was only one person in the plane and some suggest there is more than one person in the aircraft.

7. 1956 B-47 Disappearance

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The 1956 B-47 disappearance happened on 10 March in 1956 over the Mediterranean Sea. The Stratojet Boeing B 47 was take-off from the Maxdill Air Force Base, Florida in the US for the non-stop flight to the Ben Guerir Air Base of Morocco and the plane completed the first aerial refueling without any incident. After sliding down through the solid cloud to start the second refueling at the 14,000 feet the plane failed to make contact with its own tanker.
The Airplane carrying 2 nuclear capsules which becomes disappear over the Mediterranean Sea in 1956 but the nuclear detonation was not possible as the investigator thinks and according to the intelligent reports. The extensive and comprehensive search was carried out but all the efforts make by the investigators are in vain. Yet to this time the aircraft, the crew members and the two nuclear capsules have not been recovered and the crash site also has never been located.

8. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

The Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 which is chartered by the US military as the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation propliner which becomes disappear on 16 March 1962 in the Western Pacific Ocean. The airplane takes off from the Travis Air Force Base California to transport the 93 US Soldiers and the three South Vietnamese to the Saigon, Vietnam. The plane after refueling at the Anderson Air Force Base, Guam the aircraft was en route to the Clark Air Base in the Philippines and it become disappeared and the all the 107 passengers were declared missing and it assume that the all were dead.
The disappearance of the airliner prompted as the one of the greatest air and sea search in the history of the Pacific Ocean. The aircrafts and the surface ships of the four branches of the United States military take part in the search operation which is wide speared to the 200,000 square miles just in 8 days after the incident take place.

9. Crash of Helios Airways flight 522

Helios Airways Flight 522 was the regular and scheduled Helios Airways passenger carrying flight which take off from the Larnaca, Cyprus to Athens, Greece and become crashed into the mountain on 14th August 2005 at the north of the Varnavas and Marathon, Greece. The running out of fuel and the lack of oxygen to the incapacitated crew leading the plane into the crash. The rescues team reaches the locations, near to the community of Grammatiko which is 40 KM from Athens. The all 121 passengers including the 6 the crew members of the aircraft were killed.
This was the deadliest aviation incident in the history of Greek aviation with 121 fatalities. The flight 522 crash was marked as the 69th crash in the history of Being 737 since it becomes into the service in 1968.

10. 1979 Boeing 707-323C Disappearance

The Varig Boeing707 disappearance happens on the 30th of the January in 1979 when the Boeing 707 cargo airplane of the Varig Brazilian Airlines becomes disappear on the route from the Narita International Airport from Tokyo to the Galeao International Airport in the Rid de Janeiro with one stopover in the Los Angeles International Airport. After the disappearance neither the airplane nor the 6 crew members have been found.
As it was the cargo plane; the cargo included the 153 painting of the Manabu Mabe which was returning from the Tokyo exhibition that valued US $ 1.24 million at that time in 1979. Neither the wreck not the paintings was founded. The cause of the accident was ended as the cabin depressurization which killed the crew and it audience.


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