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IOC Decided Against the Complete Ban of Russian Athletes

The IOC is playing kick the can, passing their struggle with the dishonesty of the athletes to the other organizations. The IOC has decided in the favour of Russian athletes and decides against the complete ban of their appearance in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. So the Russian Olympics welcomes the IOC decision and its leaving up to the global federation to decide which Russian athletes allowed to participate in their sports.

The International Olympic Committee says that it will a contradict entry of the Russian athletes as who do not meet the criteria which are set for the all federations. The IOC also said that the federations also holds the authority and have their own existing rules to exclude the Russian team entirely from their respective sports. The World Anti-Doping Agency exposed the estate with the doping scheme which masked not less than 312 positive tests.

Previously the Russian track and field athletes have banned from the Rio Olympics and in the last week; those athletes lost a last-ditch petition against their throwing out from the Olympics Games. The calls for the complete ban on the Russian athletes has intensified since the WADA commissioned and the Canadian Lawyer Richard McLaren, accused the Russian Sports Ministry to oversee the doping programs for their athletes.

McLaren’s investigation, which heavily based on the evidence from the former Moscow doping lab director Mr. Grigory Rodchenkov who confirmed the allegations of the shameless manoeuvring of the Russian urine samples in Sochi at the Winter Games. It was also found that the 28 athletes from 2011 to in the summer and winter sports.

The president of the International Olympics Committee Thomas Bach said that; the finding showed a dreadful and unprecedented attack on the integrity of the sports and especially on the Olympic Games. The athletic community from the Russia welcomes the favourable decision from the IOC and showed a reaction; it is the most favourable decision for us in this awful situation said by the Shamil Tarpishchev who is the head of the Russian Tennis Federation and the member of IOC.

The board member of International Weightlifting Federation David Rigert said that, I thing the International Olympic Committee has made a wise decision and uphold its honour and there is highly possibility that the Russian weightlifters will be allowed to participate in the Olympics. The suspension of our entire team will lead the problems in the future.

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The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s said that Russia is a sports powerhouse; a big country who is seeking for its revival and status on the world stage and one of the major participant in the Olympic Games. The several other Olympic federations and officials have close ties to the Russia which portrayed the leaving out of the Russian track athletes and a call for a complete ban is the part of Western-led political campaign.

The ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev marks an open letter to plead against the entire ban. He also said that i am very much worried and deeply upset with the possibility that for the entire ban on the Russian camp in the Rio Games; the innocent guys will be punished with the guilty guys and the principle of collective punishment in unacceptable for me.


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