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Top 10 Highly Rated Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Some categories from Oscar are decided every year before the start of show and the house is bet on Sunday with the Leonardo DiCaprio who wins the award for best actor and he includes his eating liver bison in the performance named “The Revenant”.
The actor who performs for the first time and the actor who win such kind of prize to say this al to the Academy and it take long enough to continue this.
DiCaprio is the biggest star in Hollywood who has done many movies and they focus him in the current age and the career of this man is very much acknowledged exceptionally.
His career is celebrated and he has come up with many performances which can be ranked to measure it in a good way.

10) Titanic

Year: 1997
Leonardo DiCaprio was made an international star. James Cameron is the big budget love story onboard and it dooms R.M.S. a major feature of Titanic could be carried away with a charisma heartthrob.

9) The Departed

Year: 2006
DiCaprio’s working with Martin Scorsese led him to finally Scorsese who got Oscar to finally play a role of the best director. He gave a solid performance to play an undercover cop. It has collaborated best with the Scorsese and it is not worst in this case.

8) Django Unchained


Year: 2012
Playing the plantation of sinister with owner Calvin Candie, he is perfectly casted in this with Quentin Tarantino and the coconut drink slurping is psycho and the performance was over rated and it went well with the unique dialogue brand of Tarantino.

7) The Beach

Year: 2000
The wave of Titanic ride was needed in changing things to work with Danny Boyle, Lord of Flies and he showed up to be interested in taking much kind of chances and they were delivered to the bestest performances and the interesting ones.

6) The Basketball Diaries

Year: 1995
Chances can be taken which are one of the most daring role of DiCaprio and they remained at a high school and followed the redemption of junkie. Hard transition was followed in it for the child actor and tried to fierce the determination in the adult parts.

5) The Aviator

Year: 2004
The performance was nominated in scar as a Howard Hughes who was a legendary tycoon and he won an Oscar. Hughes played his heights from the Hollywood director and the innovator of an airline which reclosed fear and pulled it off exceptionally.

4) “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”

Year: 1993
DiCaprio never had such a nomination of Oscar while playing a role of the brother Johnny opposite Depp. He gave too much potential to the people who tried to act in this role accordingly. He was just at an age of 19 in this movie when he supported his disabled brother.

3) Catch Me If You Can

Year: 2002
A milestone of DiCaprio is the portrayal of his films which are notoriously real life events and the froger of Frank Abagnale who were in teens in his early 20s. it was believed that every turn of life would be above 28 and this mix of direction of Steven Spielberg and the talent of DiCaprio was the real treat and they worked together in it.

2) Inception

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Year: 2010
The trophy of Nolan was the mind heist in the showcase of DiCaprio talent in all the high time. He was seen as a slick dressed and crooked in the moments with a broken father who was desperate for the family and the performance could not get longer.

1) The Wolf of Wall Street

The collaboration of Scorsese and DiCaprio in the date was seemed in favor of every person playing roles in the infamous stock of broker Jordan Belfort with the use of words from the memoir of real man. He was hold back to the Ray Liotta and as Henry Hill in the Good fellas. Madness and comedy combines to deliver the at least best for now.


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