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Top 10 list of Most Intelligent People in the World With IQ Levels

Brain is said to be the most complex thing on earth. It has almost 10 to 12 million neurons. We were never being able to think that this world will change and become advanced so much that we have to go out in the universe and start to find other planets.

All the innovations of this world have made by men of ultimate intelligence. All these men were looked not ordinary but are of excellence. In this list we will look up to the ten smartest minds in the world regarding their IQ and their smartness. As given below.

10. James Woods-180 IQ

James Woods was an actor and got numerous awards for his performance in movies especially in ,”Promise” and “My name in Bill W”. He also was a multi talented celebrity who acted not only in movies but also in television and stage.

He was a Scholar at UCLA, where he studied linear algebra. He has an average IQ of 180 which is till now the best among actors of all time. And such a number in IQ made him one of the smartest people in the world.

9. Marilyn VOS Savant-190 IQ

She was a columnist in Parade Magazine. She is considered as one of the most created brains in the world. Since childhood she likes to solve puzzles and problems of different subjects. VOS Savant was ranked as the highest IQ level woman in 1990s.

8. Albert Einstein – (160-190 IQ)

Albert Einstein is the name of a man who needs no introduction. One of the most inspirational figures in science. HE has a long list of achievements which includes the Theory of relativity, Photoelectric effect and his famous E=mc2 quotation. HE has won two Nobel Prize for his work in the field of physics.

He is considered as the Father of modern Physics. He has been called as the man who used his brain most in the world and that’s why people relate him with brilliance. He has an IQ of 190 which makes him one of the most intelligent people in the world.

7. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz- 191 IQ

HE was a German national. A philosopher and mathematician, who contributed greatly in the mathematician subject especially in Calculus. He has given a number of great Laws that change the entire face of the subject which includes Law of Continuity and Law of Transcendental Homogeneity.

He was well applauded for his work and was get appreciated by his fellow Germans. With 191 as an IQ he became one of the most intelligent people in the world.

6. Mislav Predavec- 192 IQ

He was a maths professor and was a national of Croatia. He ranked 7th in the list of top ten most intelligent people of all time. Due to his incredible 192 IQ he also had been ranked in the smartest people in the world.

He built a society back in Croatia in which the most intelligent people came and share their ideas. Basically it was an organization for intelligent people where they can work easily without any disturbance. He was a successful man but because of so high IQ he is ranked in this top ten list.

5. Isaac Newton-192 IQ

The 2nd most influential man of all time ranked by Michael Hart. He needs no introduction as he proved his level of intelligence to this world. HE was a physicist and mathematician.

His Laws of Motion and Law of Gravity laid the foundation of Physics and gave it a new direction. HE was well appreciated all over the world and more often been called as one of the greatest scientist of all time. HE has an amazing intelligent quotient IQ of 192.

4. Christopher Michael Langan- 195 IQ

Langan been called as’ “The smartest man in America” He make himself to write at about age 3 and started to talk in a very small age. He was a goal oriented personality. He has a great sense of humour and from the get go, he loves to solve puzzles and problems.

He was a dropped off from school like some other intelligent people as he said that he can teach his teachers more than what they are teaching him. He has an amazing IQ of 195.

3. Christopher Hirata- 225 IQ

Born in 1982, she recorded an IQ of 225, which is amazing. HE was graduated from college when he was 12 years old. He was given a gold medal in international sciences when he was of 13 years. He started taking his PhD classes when he was 18 years. He is working in NASA from 15 years. He has one of the most brilliant minds in the world.

2. Terence Tao – (225-230) IQ

Terence Tao is another great mind of the world. He was also a brilliant student and who was graduated from college when he was 16 years old. He was able to call himself doctor when he completed the doctorate when he was 20 years old.

When he was of 2 years he taught arithmetic to 6 years old kid. From their he has never stopped. He had an amazing IQ ranging from 225 to 230, more than Christopher Hirata.

1. William James Sidis-(250-300) IQ

William James Sidis is perhaps the most intelligent person in the world. HE has recorded an IQ of 230. When he went to Grammar School at age 6, he went out as a Graduate in just seven months. HE attended Harvard University when he was 11 years old. He holds a master degree in 40 languages.

He started his career in politics and became the smartest politician in the world. He was threatened by his fellow students in Harvard but he was not bullied until his parents made him to leave Harvard and do a job. He started a job in Texas but it didn’t fulfill his expectations. So he finds a way to make a life out of Politics.

  • This is a crap list. Besides the bad English, your #1 is based on a claim his sister made after he died in 1944. There is absolutely zero evidence he ever had an IQ test in his life. Everything written here is complete and utter bunk.

  • ArumBouyed

    Reader of this as being me, and I am found that James Woods smarter is than of the Einstein hard it was to be of believe.
    Yes I used bad English on purpose.No way Woods is smarter than Einstein.


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