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Top 10 Countries Largest and Most Strongest Armies in The World

Armed forces are the key element of country which not only defend and fight for the nation but also gave them confidence hope and dignity to stand among other nations with pride. The Armies have able to build new nations and to defend the earlier, however it is also necessary in present to fight with the extreme terrorists who destroy the peace from the world.

In third world countries Army personnel are use to cope with crises like floods, earthquake and land sliding to rescue people. Largest and strongest armies also sign of a powerful nation as many of countries spend lot of their annual revenue to their army and provide them modern and latest technology to fight any critical situation. Here top ten largest and strongest armies in the world are listed with their personnel.

10. Egypt – 468,500

The Egyptian Army is the largest Armed Forces in both the Middle East and Africa with available estimated personnel of 468,500, while 1,000,000 are additional reservists. Under the Ministry of Defense the Egyptian Military Operations Authority controls it with its headquarters in Cairo which are directed three main command-and-control headquarters. The army has engaged in the 20th Century in Egypt’s five wars with the State of Israel while it’s Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

9. Iran – 545,000

The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran include the IRIA, the IRGC and the Law Enforcement Force, one of the largest armed forces with 545,000 active personnel excluding Law Enforcement Force. The new king Reza Shah Pahlavi has re-established Iran army by sending hundreds of officers to European and American military academies and retraining of existing army from foreigner officers. Following the arms embargo after Iran revolution in 1971, they started producing the weaponry material at their own also involved in making nuclear weapon to become the strongest army.

8. Pakistan – 642,892

The Pakistan Army is a volunteer fighting force which has active force of 642,892 personnel according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) while there were roughly 500,000 reserves are also available in addition. The key joint-operations by the Army comprise Operation Black Thunderstorm and Operation Rah-e-Nija while its major engagements are with neighboring armed forces in 1965, 1971 and in 1999. Pakistan Army is also among the largest and strongest armies in world with massive personnel and equipped with latest weapons and having nuclear assets.

7. South Korea – 630,000

The Republic of Korea Armed Forces is one of the largest and strongest standing armed forces in the world with active personnel strength of 630,000 known as the ROK Armed Forces. The army is responsible for maintaining the independence and territorial integrity of the republic also engages in disaster-relief and humanitarian efforts in the country. The South Korean forces are involved in conflict with its neighbored North Korea which has been increasing at border site, mostly relied upon US armed forces for homeland security.

6. Turkey – 662,719

Armed forces of the Republic of Turkey started comprehensive modernization program from troops after becoming an associate of NATO on 18 February 1952 and considered as second largest forces in NATO following United States forces. Turkish forces also stand among the largest and strongest armed forces in the world with available troops of 662,719 for fight, engaged in Korean War, Cyprus, PKK Campaign and other humanitarian work in the country.

5. Russian Federation – 845,000

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union Armed Forces of the Russian Federation established to serve the Russia, which become one of the largest and strongest armies with total active personnel of 845,000 while its additional reserve troops are approximately 2,035,000. According to sources, Russian government is spending a massive sum for armed forces and equipped them with latest and modern weapons while also considering starting nuclear program in the country to turn into stronger in the world.

4. North Korea – 1,190,000

The Korean People’s Army has nearly 1,190,000 active troops while nearly 600,000 are reserved under command of Kim Jong-un who is the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army. KPA involved in major fights with Republic of Korea Armed Forces and United States Forces Korea, across the Korean Demilitarized Zone, considered as largest and strongest army with heavy weapon and human capital. Approximately spend $10 billion on the army as it still faces United States and South Korea forces along the deactivated zone.

3. India – 1,329,998

The Indian Army established since the armies of the East India Company, became the British Indian Army and then national army after independence. It is responsible to ensure national security, unity and defending the nation from external violence and threats, and retaining peace and security within its borders especially with Pakistan which has been considered as worst enemy since their independence and has three major wars till now. The Indian army also listed at top of largest and strongest armies with total active armed staff of 1,329,998 excluding 990,960 reserve personnel.

2. United States of America – 1,458,219

The largest branch of the U.S. military, formed to fight the American Revolutionary War on 14 June 1775, considered as most modern and highly equipped forces in the world. The active personnel is also 1,458,219 staff having active nuclear armaments, spend 39 percent on the military expenditure of the whole world while United States Army Reserve (USAR) has reportedly 201,166 soldiers reserve made them largest and strongest armies.

1. People’s Republic of China – 2,285,000

The People’s Liberation Army is the military of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) under command of the CPC, enlisted at the top of largest and strongest armies with active personnel of 2,285,000 active while 800,000 reserved while bringing total to 30,85000. China has huge number of volunteers available to serve the nation to protect nearly billion of people becoming the most powerful country and commanding nation in the world.

  • Renungan NabilahJKT48

    I just Think That The Countries That Can Makes Economies Goes Better And More Better Than Other Countries Is Indonesia.

    Because Indonesia Have Something That Other Countries Has, And People From Indonesia Just Wait Till Want To Showing it.

    I Know From My Friend in Indonesia That So Excited.

    I know That Indonesia Have Power Than Other Countries, Even More.

    Indonesia Have More Natural Resources Than Other Countries in a World.

    While Other Countries Makes A Nuclear Without Thinking for Future and New Radiation leaks From Other Countries.

    Because from That Countries From Other World is Depends On Indonesia,

    And Indonesia Get More Bettee Than Other Countries Know.

    Future Info

    • Hussnain Ali

      as far as i know every that Muslim Army who have firm believe in Almighty ALLAH is a brave Army of the world
      because there is a example of Russian Army defeated by Afghanistan and Pakistani Army in1979

      • Key

        Afghanistan and Pakistan defeated then called USSR because the US/CIA were constantly supplying logistics, weapons, and money to the Afghan and Pakistan so called, “Mojahedeen”. Those Mojahedeen were using religion as a means to recruit and gain power for power not religion. In reality they stem from a twisted ideology who have nothing to do with true Islam. Yes they were defending Afghanistan but their objective was not to protect Afghanistan or any other Muslim country for that matter.

        • a m malik

          All armies need a cause to ight. Very few, like the Indian army which tries to put up a fight – without a cause. If Afghanistan went around with a cause so? My firm personal opinion is that the Indian Army -though poses to be a professional army is basically a bunch of cowards except for the Gurkhas if any and the Sikhs.
          Two armies which are creditably missing are the Indonesians and ofcourse Israel and where is the British army – which I rate as the most diciplined in the world- stems out from their national character.

          • Krishna Rs

            What the hell who are u calling cowards every man who has the patriotism to join a nations army whose neighbour has terrorists and are constantly trying to cause trouble are the world’s bravest men. I am sorry I am not saying others are not brave each and every soldier in the world who put his life on the line to protect the people of their couneries and their countries interests around the world are the bravest men in the world not a man who sits and types shit about other armies

        • Fame Jay

          Its true but it was pakistan and afghans that were doing the fighting? it doesnt matter where you get the weapons from its who thats behind it. Plus USA has not won a single war yet. They couldnt even defeat talibans themselves. And you are wrong in the beginning it was a muslim movement down the road they got lost with who will take more power.

  • Renungan NabilahJKT48

    There Something That Other Country Dont know About Indonesia,
    Indonesia Have Something That Other Countries in a World, And Have a 40% Material weapons in a World.

    Indonesia Suddenly Makes More Incredible Weapon That Can Be Same Like Rusia Even More complicated and very Incredible,
    Sophiscated power Indonesia Will Appear soon Than Other Countries Know.

    And Adding More military For 7.028.920 Soon Than Other Country know, Thats Very Incredible That I Know From Proffesor Famous University.

    Thats Info Suddenly That I just Know it,

  • Yakub

    Ha… ha… ha CHINA is No.1 Army?? What a joke!! American defense budge is more than Chinese whole country budge….

    • Fame Jay

      No one knows what china has because they have been developing things for a really long time in secrecy. American budget is big because of so many useless bases they have around the world. Looking at that China has the bigger budget. Its true american military is big with toys but in reality they havent won any war besides iraq which wasnt even a real challenge as the country was so poor.

  • jack night

    This writer is a joker. Pakistan can never be in top 10.

    • video-gamecaster

      You think Pakistan doesn’t have his place in the Top 10?

      Do you know how much the United States is helping Pakistan to modernize his army in order to defeat terrorism?

      Just look at every other top 10 and Pakistan will be in it. The only think that makes this top 10 questionable is that United Kingdom didn’t make it while the UK have one of the best modern army on earth. I would probably remove North Korea and put Israel in the top 10, as Israel has developed some magnificent defensive strategies from the only fact that this country has been in war since it’s creation.

      • Fame Jay

        thats a lie usa is not giving anything to pakistan. Pakistan has developed alot of its own stuff and through china and other countries. USA has a history of taking money from Pakistan and never delivering the product.

        • video-gamecaster

          Yah no need to go full conspiracy theory. USA foreingn aid to Pakistan is numbered at 4billion$ per year. Since 1950, the ammount of money that the United States gave to Pakistan amounts to 80 billions$ And that’s without saying the modern equipement that the USA gives to Pakistan. In, Pakistan and the United States have made a billion dollar worth in arm sale.

          Pakistan is one of the most vital ally for NATO in the war against terrorism. So to say that USA is not giving anything to Pakistan is a fcking big lie!

    • Mudassar Salman

      Kid you come from stone age ? Are you in your senses ? GO and read the history and i am sure you’ll become lover of Pakistan Army. I bet you.

      • raghavan chettiar

        Instead of spending billions in army pakistan and india too could do well to initiate peace dialogues so as to improve the living conditions of poor people in both the countries instead of fighting for kashmir.

    • Mc Duglus

      I think u r living in indian mythology world where only stories happen….open eyes and face the reality

  • adil awan

    Pakistan is No. 1 Army in the world.
    Because this is true

    • Pawan Kumar

      Hahaha joke of the millennium.

    • Adil

      Indian army is on number 3 and Pakistan army is on number by Its volume but its shameful for india that his army chief is on number 8 and Pakistan Army Chief on 1st
      Its not a joke its reality of the millennium….!!!

      • raghavan chettiar

        But your PM will be the last powerful mind u++?

    • Krishna Rs

      US has the strongest army

      • Fame Jay

        which wars have to they won besides iraq which wasnt even a real challenge?

  • zeuss

    They didn’t say the most effective army in the whole world.!!!!!!

  • Mudassar Salman

    This ranking is clearly questionable in many ways, specially criteria of this marking is not mentioned.
    For Example, India is shown on #3…This is really a joke for those who have knowledge of security studies. This Indian army could not clear their Air Base #Pathankot in 4 days when it was under attack by 6 freedom fighters of Kashmir and Khalistan.
    On the Other hand, Pakistan army won the war against Terrorism in all the operations and whole word acknowledge this very fact. Pak Army won the war of 1948,65 & Kargil 1999 and lost the only 1 insurgency war of 1971. They break USSR into many pcs in 80s. Pakistan army have nuclear capability with world’s most sophisticated missiles and submarines with 2nd strick attack capability…(India don’t have that at all, their missiles are junk and don’t have effective nuclear attack capability for now) Pak Army is #1 standing fighting army in the world….you can’t challenge this fact….I can write a lot on this….above facts are enough who know the things, how it goes.

    • Pawan Kumar

      What the bull shit? Pakistan doesn’t have the courage to fight India face to face. They are coward. that’s why they are spreading terrorism. If you think ur army is really strong then ask them to attack on India then India will show what we have shown in last 4 wars.

    • Mudassar Salman

      Pawan, You live in dreams world, pls come out and face the reality. I clearly mentioned in the end of my comment that only those will understand Who know the things….
      1 – India do and exports Terrorism: Example, Insurgency in Pakistani Province Balochastan, Tehreek e Taaliban Pakistan, Mukti Bahini in Bangladesh, Tamil Tigers in Srilanka, Khalistan, Kashmir, Nipal blockages….list goes on…All these are proven and accepted facts by your own govt…as a state policy.
      2 – Your point of face to face wars: Have u forget 1948 ?Kashmir was liberated and Your PM Nehru went to UN and plead for mercy.
      3 – What about the 1965, did ur impotent army even crossed the first line of defence in Lahore? Khemkaran, Qasoor ? and Your 2500 Sq miles area was in our custody….did u forget?
      4 – 1971: When u provoke brothers to stab on the back of brothers in Bangladesh….which was not a war. If you know sequrity studies it was an insurgency of India against all codes of engaging war…such a shame. You can’t even stand in front of us.
      5 – 1999 Kargil: Such a nightmere for indian army…Go google it and learn that Pakistan won the war. Our stupid PM could not hold the pressure and forced army to stand off….eventually he had to pay the price for being exiled for 10 years. So u again lost in battle field.
      Look man, Pakistan dont have ambissions to extend its territory….India do. So try another time to attack….I promiss you’ll be wiped off in less than 30 minuts. This is what Pantagon told your PM and Army couple of months ago to stay in clothes. You can google it too 🙂
      So pls wake up, get a life and see the reality. If youw were able to fight with Pakistan….you would have been taken Pakistan already. Your impotent armed foeces knows the reality so they dont have balls to fights with us.
      Oh yes, is this your so called strong army who could not wipe of only 6 freedom fighters in #PathankotAttack even in 4 days operation…..Oh my God…Such a Shame for you…feel it dear. Next time ask for help from Pakistan to train your army, bcoz that was just a few hours job for us…

      • Hire a Loin

        Where is Pakistan located?? is it in Africa?

        • Mudassar Salman

          You’re a funny man, are you talking about that Osama who is made by your CIA ? If yes then open your eyes and ears for truth. There was no Osama, He had been died years back and it was planned drama of CIA and our Govt was involved in that too for their own benefit. Everybody know that this was a lia.
          Now let me tell you which Pakistan as you asked….
          Pakistan is:
          – Who grilled the Russians in Afghanistan and kick their asses and eventually 16 independent countries formed.
          – Pakistan is the country which had given more lives than anybody else in fight against Terrorism.
          – Pakistan is the only country who is tremendously winning the war on terror, not like USA who’s ass was kicked from every where like in Afghanistan.
          – Without Pakistan your soldiers can’t live for a week in Afghanistan.
          – Pakistan is the country who is the entity of stabilization in the region.
          – Pakistan is the country which is need of USA more than anybody else. I can prove it for sure.
          – Pakistan is the country which have world’s top intelligence service and network…Go ask your CIA/MI6/Mossad/ of course Russians KGB…
          – Pakistani nation is most resillient nation in the world who have given more than 90K lives against the Terrorists developed and helped by Indians and Americans….Proven FACT !

          I can give you introduction about Great Pakistan and Pakistani people which will be needing a book….You dare to listen ?

          • Hire a Loin

            Then why everybody here is opposing Pakistan? any special reason? I have also seen anger of this country in some of Europeans, Is it located in south Asia near Malaysia?

          • Mudassar Salman

            What do you expect from the enemies specially after what hostile media keep on barking about Pakistan ?
            Its in South Asia dear :).
            Having said that now whole world acknowledge positive side of of Pakistan and appreciate on all forums. You must knew that if you follow the media around the world.

          • Krishna Rs


        • Kazmi Shah

          It is next to Afghinstan where USA/Nato/Isaf with superior weapons and tech got fucked up with their own money and weapons by Pakistans ISI alone ;).. longest and most expensive war is US history.. thats 2 superpowers down within 30 years span by and inferior 3rd world country winning by brains and faith in allah only while you depened on tech.

      • Krishna Rs

        Lies google it anywhere u want Indian army emerged victorious at every encounter.

      • Krishna Rs

        I understand u are a patriot but bro sometimes u gotta accept the facts

    • Gowtham Ravi

      bro i agree that Pakistani army is one of the best.. tell me, did u won terrorism in single day? while Indian Army took to wipe those terrorists in 4 days. Osama bin laden was killed by US army while Pakistani Army is active in that region..

      • Mudassar Salman

        Dear Gowtham Ravi,
        Bro fight against Terrorism is not a 1 day or 01 year or 1 decade job. However Pakistan Army is the only force who is winning this war in Pakistan and made tremendous achievements. Whole world acknowledge that even your govt officials accepted this reality on world forums bcoz they could not help resisting the facts more in front of international media.
        Osama Bin Laden: There were no Osama, he had died years ago. Everybody know that even US media have raised so many questions on that operation which are enough to understand. If there was a real Osama, believe me we would be at war with USA and Western countries for sure. They could not let this go so easily. You know that…just think about that and give me answer. By the way, you might know Osama was made by USA as they made ISIS and not whole world is paying the price of their Terrorism.
        This is not possible without Pakistan’s will , even US can enter in Pakistan. I can tell you this for sure since i know the things deeply here.

      • Mudassar Salman

        One more thing, Pakistan got those Terrorists in just 3 hours operation with Zero Causalities in fire fight….

        • raghavan chettiar

          I think that he is probably with the ISI propaganda branch.

    • insaneboy

      #1947: In all, 1,500 soldiers died on each side during the war and Pakistan was able to acquire roughly two-fifths of Kashmir, including five of the fourteen eight thousanders peaks of the world, while India maintained the remaining three fifths of Kashmir, including the most populous and fertile regions.

      #1965 war assessment: both India and Pakistan claimed victory. Most neutral assessments, however, agree that India had the upper hand over Pakistan when the ceasefire was declared. As Pakistan lost more territory than it gained during the war and failed to achieve its goal of capturing Kashmir, many impartial observers have viewed the result as a defeat for Pakistan and an Indian strategic victory. To be honest 1965 war is so lame that Pakistan tried to take advantage of Sino-india war 1962 while India was devastated, but this also in vain.

      #1971: The war effectively came to an end after the Eastern Command of the Pakistani Armed Forces signed the Instrument of Surrender, on 16 December 1971 in Dhaka, marking the liberation of the new nation of Bangladesh. East Pakistan had officially seceded from Pakistan on 26 March 1971. Between 90,000 and 93,000 members of the Pakistan Armed Forces including paramilitary personnel were taken as Prisoners of War by the Indian Army. It is estimated that between 300,000 and 3,000,000 civilians were killed in Bangladesh.
      to be honest, kargil war1991 was needless to mention that Pakistan was so desperate that she intent to use nuclear weapons…as for the side of India, the Kargil war was one of the most important milestone cause she got support from international in turn economic growth..
      As you said about Osama, its funny that how you try to reverse the fact…honestly do you think your gov’t will sell the pride of the nation and the sovereignty? ( CIA and our govt involve in that too) by giving access to enter other nation in your country when the world believed that Pakistan could not even protect her nation against other…..fact is fact man, you can’t change

    • Krishna Rs

      Lies .India won pak army in every war and go check India’s nuclear capabilities . It’s far higher than pakistan’s. Pak army has so many weapons mainly because US is supporting pak.india won in every war with pak . India helped Bangladesh and Bangladesh became free.india won in all the 3 encounters including the kargil conflict .and the ones who did the pathankot attack were not freedom fighters they were terrorists or atleast tart how the peaceful people view it

  • Black Zero

    india is not even in top 20 and you put her at 3 ?


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