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Top 10 Most Innovative Schools around the World

Innovation in education can be introduced by a lot of ways, for example integrating new technology or teaching approaches, organizing field trips, eliminating social standards, associating with the local community. Scroll down to see what the future prospect of education can, and possibly should, look like.

1. Makoko Floating School

This school for all ages is located in the floating area of Makoko. The school assists as a communal learning place and specimen for future building plans in Africa’s shoreline areas. The triangular frame of Makoko is 3 stories high, constructed to resist increasing water levels in the inlet. At 1,000sq feet, the school comprises of a play area, classrooms and compost toilets. The classrooms can accommodate around 100 students.

According to estimates by UN, 28 African countries will experience double populations by 2050. Taking note of the fact that Africa presently comprises of the youngest age composition of any global areas, there is a strong need to help those children who are not enjoying the basic services.

2. Ørestad Gymnasium

Loacted in Denmark, Ørestad Gymnasium is a giant expansive glass cube classroom, which accommodates over 1,100 high school students to consume half of their time in learning. As parts of Europe, a “gymnasium” still calls secondary schools in order to elude old-style instruction. By motivating students to cooperate with each other in open wide environment, the school expects children will be prepared to think openly on varied topics later in life.

According to Allan Andersen, the headmaster, they want to exercise teaching where students work together and make research in cracking real problems. They want their school an open school with connected with the outer world.

The open areas, which are decorated with likewise large “drums” for a more comfortable learning setting, inspire students to undertake an energetic part in their own learning. Children are divided into groups and produce makeshift classrooms, occasionally guided by teachers. Movable walls and bookshelves create more intimate learning settings.

3. Big Picture Learning

Located in Rhode Island’s city of Providence, The Big Picture Learning School clears up the walls amid working world and education. From the start, k-12 students acquire their inspired cravings will come 1st. To help strengthen those appetites, students are team up with counselors who serve the professions the students desire to enter someday. Learning in this real world is the most significant element of this school. The school contains 55 branches across the nations. Every student finishes Learning Through Internship.

4. Egalia Pre-school

The Egalia School System is set up on the principle of total equality among students. It lies in the Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. The system comprises of 2 schools, Nicolaigården and Egalia, which discard gender-based pronouns hoping to groom the children so they treat each other on equal basis. In the place of “she” and “he”, kids either call one another by using their first names or mentioned as “they.” It is part of a goal to sidestep all sorts of discriminations.

According to Lotta Rajalin, the headmaster, the discrimination to be avoided includes disability, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, class, religion and gender. This method is infused in every feature of their daily work life with the children and their interaction with parents and each other. This help kids to judge each other based on their action and not the stereotypes.

5. AltSchool.

AltSchool is situated in California’s city San Francisco. The school is an absolute departure from customary education, evading the old-style testing model for one that progresses technology abilities and gets children thinking openly in order to adapt according to changes in the world. Kids transform ordinary stuffs into circuit boards and acquire 3D demonstration to construct playhouses, all in the chase of feeling contented with the coming era that meets them.

6. Sra Pou Vocational School

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This school is located in Cambodia’s town Sra Pou Village. Rudanko + Kankkunen, a Finnish architecture firm, made its design. Allowing education for all-ages, this school was constructed by members of community, for members of community, to study how to transform their passions into completely developed businesses. Teachers are provided by a local NGO who help guide students on that track.

Constructing the school was a leering in itself, as designers shaped the structure alongside with local people, providing them pointers on constructing similarly designed structures on their own.
According to Rudanko + Kankkunen, the school permits families to acquire independence. Instead of wasting themselves in low-paying jobs, children, women and men can acquire the tactics of valuing their homemade goods and vending them to individuals in their region. When the building is not used as school, it is used as a town hall for community meetings and democratic decision making.

7. P-TECH High School.

P-TECH was started by IBM in Brooklyn in 2011 to give teens of New York an entry into college by avoiding the normal high-school track of 4-years. Instead, students of P-TECH undergo a 6-year degree. Improved by internships and mentorship in STEM fields, the 5th and 6th years get pupils an associate’s degree awarded by a neighboring NYC College of Technology, and many move forward to get a bachelor’s degree onwards.

8. Steve Jobs School.

As the namesake suggests, the Steve Jobs School in Amsterdam, discards the orthodox wisdom at all: As an alternative of developing the kids through the identical system of educational, they move with their own pace.

The school’s founder, Maurice de Hond, states that every student starts with an Individual Development Plan, which is assessed and readapted every 6 weeks by the kid, his/her parents, and the coach (teacher). Depending on the result of the IDP, new personal learning contests and instructions are offered to the kid from whom he/she needs to choose from. Students from 4th-12th grade school get iPads loaded with apps in order to assist individualized education. The purpose is to help kids design their own learning.

9. Brightworks School

It was Gever Tulley, a visionary individual who started this school San Francisco in 2011. Brightworks school chooses some of the most daring things parents forbade their children to do and makes a whole prospectus out of them. Children form grades K-12 play with fire, get dirty, disassemble home applications, and finish all art projects in the same day.

According to Brightworks’ program coordinator, Justine Macauley and Tulley, they encourage students to become the co-authors of their schooling, supporting and embracing the distinct and the exclusive set of interests and skills that inspire them. The school lies in an capacious warehouse occupied with forts and art and makeshift theater, things all needed to blow into creative side of kids.

10. Carpe Diem Schools

This school located in Ohio, looks like an office building rather than being a classroom.
The main room is called The Learning Center, which houses 300 cubicles; one cubicle for one student. These cubes possess a computer guiding the student through her of his learning. If students face any problems regarding their e-learning, they can access their instructors for assistance. According to Arizona Instrument for Measuring Standards, the school has outdone all public schools in the nation. The recorded Average proficiency was 65pc, while Carpe Diem depicted an average proficiency of 92pc. In Indianapolis, students are improving their levels of reading equivalent to 3 years in only 1 years’ time.


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