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Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Garden is the place where you feel refresh and your mind feel relax and peace of mind with the soothing environment, fresh breeze and birds chirping. It takes to your soul with a morning walk in the garden which blesses you. The most beautiful gardens have their own beauty which refreshes the mind and soul. Such kind of places helps in feeling the blessings of nature.
Most beautiful gardens around the world are as follows

10) Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria

European Garden is positioned in the vein of Tuilleries and Versailles. Mirabell is a palace with gardens in it and they are listed to be the cultural heritage monument and also the part of Historic Centre of the Salzburg city UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Palace was built in 1606 by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau. This garden was designed again with Dwarf Garden composed of creatures of marbles, floral displays, fountains and sculptures. The Hedge Theater was created in 1718 and then in 1704 which is positioned to be the most key part of the gardens of Mirabell and also they are known to be the largest of all and the most beautiful gardens must be seen like Trapp Children Frolick and Maria in the grounds of music.

9) Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne were renowned internationally in the botanical gardens in the near corners and the center of Melbourne, Australia, Victoria on the bank of South in the YarraRiver. These gardens extend to about 100 acres of the land parks which includes a garden for children and the observatory, herbarium discovery walk and aboriginal heritage walk. Special events are enjoyed by the most beautiful gardens and this park is a famous destination for almost 1.5 million visitors every year as per Melbourne.

8) Ji Chang Yuan, Jiangsu, China

Positioned in the Xihui Park, this garden is originally in the province of Jiangsu and is famous as the Garden of Ecstasy and it promises a lot. It delivers as much as it promises and this garden is famous as an illusion which occupies more than an acre and gives an impression of height, breadth and depth. This mountain seems to be yellow rock which is a natural part of the landscape of hills and surrounds the garden. It has stream gurgles down in the long pool and it has many inlets which creates natural beauty. It is restored in the comprehensive allies and pavilions. It is dissolved into many compartments which is the fact of beauty.

7) Bagh – e Fin, Kashan, Iran

Bagh – e Fin is positioned in Iran in the city Kashan and it is known to be the historical garden of Persia. It has Kashan’s Fin Bath in the chancellor of Amir KabirQajarid. He was murdered by King Nasereddin Shah by an assassin. The Fin Garden is completes in 1590 and it is considered to be the extant garden and in the list of most beautiful gardens. It contains circular towns and covers about 2.3 hectares and surrounds about four circular towers. It has chahrbagh which is designed by crossed water rills and theya re derived with the Koran verses and it describes the paradise land which crosses rivers. it has architectural features like Qajar periods and Zandiyeh.

6) Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona

This garden is founded by Native Flora Society and Arizona Cactus in 1937 and in 1939 it was established with about 21, 000 plants in 4000 taxa. It has stunning gardens with plants in the US. The Desert of Botanical Garden in Phoenix is the most beautiful garden which offers unique glimpse of the variety of desert flora. Visitors remain prepared for the dryness and heat which is worth of vibrant red rocks and extensive park. This garden is designated to be the phoenix point of pride and it is listed among the most beautiful gardens in the world.

5) Kenroku – en Garden, Ishikawa, Japan

The greatest gardens are three in number and they are a piece of haven and serenity in Ishikawa. It has an area of about 11.4 hectares which is positioned in the central part heights in Kanazawa castle and Kanazawa. The family of Maeda is ruled by generations of the King. It is famous as the feudal lord’s garden in Japan. This garden is stunning which blossoms with the spring season and the admission is always free in this week at all times.

4) Gardens At The Versailles Palace, France

The gardens were historic in the palace of Versailles which is the most impressive in the whole Europe. These gardens cover about 80 hectares of land and they have a landscape of French garden style to be perfected with the Linnea. Louis XIV’s palace is luxurious which shows pride for the Sun King and they think it to be the garden of scenic vistas, winding paths, fountains and flowers. It has about six million visitors every year.

3) Majorelle Garden, Marrakech, Morocco

Majorelle garden is at twelve acre space and this garden has landscape location which shows stunning and cobalt blue accents which makes it easy as well for the distinction of fashion designer and names it to be the shade of nail polish. It was created by acquis Majorelle in 1920s from the cosmetics which were luxurious and telegraph was its name after the tourist destinations in morocco. This garden also has Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech which collects the textiles of North Africa from the personal collection of Saint Laurent as well as paintings, jewelry and ceramics.

2) Claude Monet’s garden At Giverny, France

The most beautiful garden is positioned in France and the property is owned by Oscar Claude Monet which is founded by impressionist painter of France. The garden is filled with paintings and the highly bright colors are there in the garden which increases its beauty. They are untamed and composed of the beautiful colors. The painter lives in this house which is positioned at the countryside and garden is filled with flowers and other natural beauty. This garden is known to be a spectacular place in the most beautiful gardens list.

1) Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape town is a beautiful place which is popular for the national botanical garden and it is set with the table mountain backdrop in the Devil’s peak and it is home to the indigenous plants of about 22, 000. It has scenery like presentation and it is known to be the most beautiful garden in the world where people can get refreshed and feel amused with its beauty. It was founded in 1913 and this unique flora was preserved in this country. It has unrevealing mysteries and Restio grass.


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Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Garden is the place where you feel refresh and your mind feel relax and peace of mind with the sooth[...]

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