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With the progresses technologies the smartphones are also becoming extra powerful, their capability to perform better has gone up. In recent years, flagship smartphones tend to be offering nearly 6GB of DDR4 RAM that well over the RAM offered for a standard laptop. The display screen quality on the top level smartphones has taken onto 2K and the camera offering a quality which getting closer to DSLRs with every latest smartphone. This list is featuring top 10 best smartphones in India to purchase for this year.


 Samsung was the 1st mobile phone company to introduce it is’s leading smartphones in India. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are considerably more high-priced as compared to OnePlus 3, in particular, however, these 2 smartphones genuinely possess too much to offer. For some people the difference of the price is probably not significant, however, it is difficult to debate both of these devices are considered as among the best smartphones in India. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both are manufactured with using glass and metal, whereas they ship using premium features, which includes the Snapdragon 820 / Exynos 8890 SoC, top grade QHD Super AMOLED displays and 4GB of RAM. It is water-resistant, as well as supports the micro SD cards of nearly 200GB.

2). ONEPLUS 3:

OnePlus 3 is by far one of the top 10 best smartphones in the India as it features exceptional standards and having under affordable price it has too much to offer. This smartphone has indeed launched rather some time ago, and regardless of the point it provides top notch specific features as well as high quality, it is reasonable priced. If you are in search of the best smartphone and want it reasonable, then this could be the smartphone which is perfect according to your needs. The smartphone features a 5.5-inch complete HD display and supports 6GB of RAM as well as the Snapdragon 820 SoC.


 The iPhone 6s is one of the top 10 best smartphones in India and as well the best one that Apple Company at the moment introduced. It almost includes all things, you are likely to need to get from a flagship smartphone. It features an excellent display, wonderful design, outstanding performance as well as a superb quality camera. Although the device feels and looks much like the iPhone 6, but the most significant improvement is offered in the sort of the camera. It has 12MP camera which comes with probably the greatest photo quality that can be observed from a smartphone. The iPhone camera can let you shoot the video in 4K and the best update they have made is that now it supports 3D touch display.

4). HTC 10:

 HTC had been able to present a fairly convincing flagship having the HTC 10 which makes it as one of the best smartphones in India. This smartphone comes with premium design, excellent software, quite a sturdy camera as well as top-of-the-line specific features, and although it is not quite probably the most reasonably priced smartphone obtainable at the present, it is completely an outstanding selection. The phone incorporates a 5.2-inch QHD display, 32GB / 64GB of extended phone storage and supports 4GB RAM whereas the Snapdragon 820 is making this smartphone more valuable and convincible.

5). XIAOMI MI 5:

Xiaomi’s waited for 2 years for the Mi 5 that presents a tremendous improvement on its former flagship smartphone Mi 4 and ranks it among best smartphones in India. Xiaomi has presented it in complete new look, by creating it with a remarkably ergonomic body having chassis made of metal and glass. The phone was initially launched in February in Barcelona at the time of Mobile World Congress. This phone is obtainable in many countries that include India as well. The smartphone supports a 5.15-inch full HD display, and it is powered by the Snapdragon 820, however just 3GB RAM version of this smartphone is offered in India.

6). LG G5:

 LG made a decision to modify things in and bring out an extremely odd smartphone. The smartphone is semi-modular that makes it very 1st modular phone in the world and it’s significantly distinct from earlier models that’s why it acquires its spot being one of the best smartphones in India. This is also distinctive as it the 1st phone by LG company that made of metal and has a fingerprint sensor. If you are looking to purchase a somewhat extraordinary phone that features a completely efficient back camera, the G5 could be best for your needs. This smartphone features a 5.3-inch QHD display, having 4GB of RAM furthermore it’s supported by the Snapdragon 820 SoC, which is essentially the most compelling processors about currently.


 The Nexus 6P is the premium Nexus smartphone that is presented by the Google and is probably one of the best smartphone to buy in India. It is a 5.7-inch phabletthat is created using metal, furthermore, it is supported by the Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa-core processor. This Nexus 6P incorporates an excellent camera at the back and has the comparable sensor just like the Nexus 5X, whereas moreover, it possesses a fingerprint scanner on the backside. As the device has a metal design, so if you are seeking a premium smartphone along with standard Android, then this might be pretty much your only pick.


 With excellent productivity, this Samsung galaxy note 5 is a great android phone. In the previous year, Samsung flagship continues to be among the many most convenient Android phones to purchase in India. It includes a vivid, 5.7-inch AMOLED display having 2K display screen quality, giving out great monitoring perspectives as well as S-Pen being completely compatible. Developed by Samsung’s earlier technology Exynos 7420 SoC, the Galaxy Note 5 remains to be among the list of most effective Android phones present in the market as well as among best smartphones in India. The bigger footprint permits a bigger battery, and because of excellent battery timing phone, this phone could conveniently last you for a day, perhaps if you’re a power user. The 16MP backside camera is great as well, and also comes with 4K video recording.


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The Samsung smartphone including S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, as well as S6 Edge+ are nonetheless one of the best android phones that are available in India, and undoubtedly they have earned their place on the list of top 10 smartphones in India. Don’t just are they powered by probably the greatest SoCs available there that is Exynos 7420, however additionally they feature tremendous design, structure as well as the camera. All these 3 mobile phones are kind of premium priced still, although if you are in need to purchase a Samsung’s flagship’s, you most likely be aware that such devices are not the lowest priced ones.

10). HUAWEI P9:

 It is probably, one the best smartphones in India. When you first look at this smartphone Huawei P9 it appears as though a small variation of the Nexus 6P which has a lot enhanced design and style. To put it accurately while the Huawei P9 is actually a considerably better smartphone as compared to Nexus 6P. An ideal feature that this phone has is its dual camera build. The camera setup that features 12MP + 12MP has the ability to offer fantastic photo results and it comes with superb bokeh effects that you might attain by a smartphone. The phone is fueled by Kirin 955 SoC that is produced by Huawei on their own. Provides excellent performance as it offers 4GB of RAM.


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